. What's UUp Sunday, October 21? .

What's UUp Sunday, October 21?

Celebration of Life 11:00am
"What if My Enemies Don’t Deserve to be Loved?”
Speaker: Rev. Kathy Hurt

Spiritual traditions urge us to extend compassion, even love, to our enemies.  But is that truly realistic, or wise?  Are there not some enemies who should be fought?  This service struggles with the reality of being unable to find caring for those I really, truly, deeply dislike and distrust.

 . Religious Exploration .

Religious Exploration

"Sunday School" for Infants through Adults to participate in their own faith development.

 . Celebrations of Life .

Celebrations of Life

We call our Sunday morning worship services our Celebrations of Life.

 . Building Rental .

Building Rental

Our wonderful space is available for you to host your special events. Additional rooms are also available, including a lovely courtyard, social hall, and fully equipped kitchen.

 . Mission and Outreach .

Mission and Outreach

We support CLOUT Justice Ministry, Central Louisville Community Ministries, Racial Justice (including #BlackLivesMatter), Reproductive Justice, Environmental Justice, Coalition for the Homeless, LGBTQ Justice, and others.

 . Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPs) .

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPs)

Join our twice a month classes and our Sabbat Celebrations.

We are a Welcoming Congregation

We welcome all persons to participate fully, openly, and equally, in all aspects of our congregational life, in ever­widening circles of inclusion. We respect and affirm diversity and its gifts in

  • race, ethnicity, national origin,
  • affectional or sexual orientation, family or relationship structure,
  • gender identity, gender expression, sex,
  • abilities, neurodiversity,
  • age, socio­economic class, political views,
  • religious belief, creed, or interpretation of religion.
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