What's UUp on Sunday, February 1, 2015?

Celebration of Life 11:00 am

“Death: We All Do It”
Speaker: The Rev. Dawn Cooley

Children's Celebration Children from preschool thru upper elementary are invited to attend Children's Celebration in room 212/213. They return to the sanctuary during the offering.

Religious exploration thrives on inquiry, curiosity, and shared perspectives. Church doors open at 9:30 to get into your class in time for a 9:45 prompt start.

Celebrations of Life

We call our Sunday morning worship services our Celebrations of Life. It is the time when our entire congregation gathers to explore questions of the meaning of life, what has value, how shall we live, and more.  We welcome children of all ages at our service; we also offer an alternative for younger kids. See  Children's Celebration

Celebrations of Life run approximately 1 hour and start at 11:00 am.