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The Mystique (or mistake?) of Atheism

The monthly theme from our UUA is “the divine god” — an unusual theme for our congregation with a high percentage of agnostics and atheists with a scattering of buddhists and pagans.  A basic definition of the concept of ‘religion’ is a belief in/worship of … read more.

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  • From the Seventh Principle Team:  An Environmental Justice Issue
    LG&E’s rate proposal LG&E has proposed an increase in the basic charges and a decrease in the reimbursement for energy produced by home solar panels (net metering). Increasing basic charges disproportionally affect low-income communities. Reducing the reimbursement for excess electricity would make solar panels less fiscally desirable and thus imperils the solar movement. Neither increase should ...
  • Love Note: A Psalm for Martin Luther King Day
    Dear First U, As we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today, many people are holding their breath, concerned about the possibility of continued right-wing violence.  Security measures are ramped up in Washington D.C., as well as in state capitols across the land.  There is even reason to believe that liberal churches such as our own ...
  • Love Note: The Dance
    Dear Ones, Two things come to mind when I read this poem by C.K. Williams. One is about ourselves.  During this time of the year when many of us are laboring to change some part of ourselves (usually our physical selves because we’re not on par with our perception of sufficient attractiveness), this poem reminds us of ...

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