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Is There a Market for UUism?

This Sunday we begin our exploration of salvation and wholeness. The concept of salvation is typically associated with religious beliefs but we live in a generally secular society that does not place emphasis on religious matters (or, as UU’s would say, things of the Spirit).  … read more.

What’s UUp @ First U

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day, First U! As we embark on this time of social distancing, I feel as close as ever to each of you. To express this, occasionally I will be sending what I consider to be ‘love notes’ to you. This note is compliments of one of the finest Irish poets to grace our world…John O’Donohue. Warmly, Lori Beannacht (“Blessing”) On the day when the weight deadens on ...
  • On-site Sunday Services Cancelled; ONLINE ONLY Message from Rev. Lori Kyle: We ask that congregants stay home this Sunday (and every Sunday until further notice), but please participate in a special online service with us.  On this site’s homepage, click on the “Worship” tab, then select “Livestream Our Service” and follow the instructions. Thank you for your understanding and care for all, particularly ...
  • Alert! On-site, in-person Religious Exploration cancelled! All on-site, in-person Religious Exploration classes and activities are cancelled for the time being. Stay tuned! We hope to have some online activies coming to you in the very near future! Check our Facebook page for the quickest, up-to-the-minute updates. Facebook page address:  First Unitarian Church, Louisville.


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