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Father’s Day – Just Fathering

In honor of Father’s Day, this service will explore how we can father while incorporating key themes from justice work.  The sermon will offer fathering strategies that promote and advance justice in our communities and the wider world.


Rus Ervin Funk is a Unitarian Universalist and … read more.

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  • Love Note: Begin
    Dear Ones- Rumi brightens this rainy springtime day with a lovely poem.  I imagine if I were in the woods now it would look and feel much like the depiction in this beautiful photo.  Although I will likely not be in a wooded area today, when I read his words that the green earth is my cloth ...
  • Love Note: Being Found on Earth Day
    Hello Dear Ones- Happy Earth Day!  In honor of this special day I am sharing with you the writings of poets David Wagoner and Gregory Orr.   In the poem Lost Wagoner beckons us to still our busy selves in order to be in the sacred space of the present and to allow ourselves to be immersed in the natural ...
    GOT METAL?You can help Solar Array help First U! (and clear out stuff in your way!) Drop off cans and scrap metal at the Solar Array Project collection can in the courtyard behind the wooden fence. Your scrap metal will help First U cut its carbon footprint and clean the air and water! Thanks!

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