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Theology of Voting

The term ‘theology’ is one that at times causes Unitarian Universalists to pause, given the variance of theist beliefs among UUs.  A broad understanding of the word focuses on the study of the nature of God and/or religious belief.  Regardless of how one views the nature or … read more.

What’s UUp @ First U

  • Love Note: Is Worship Occurring in Sanctuary?
    Hello Dear Ones! Since we began offering sanctuary to protesters nearly a week ago we’ve been asked on numerous occasions if worship has been occurring while protesters have been here in our sacred church space. The answer, purely and simply, is yes. We as Unitarian Universalists know that worship takes many forms, as the Sacred can be found and celebrated in many ...
  • What’s needed at church for Sanctuary
    Please contact Susie Ems (see your church directory, or email [email protected] for her email address) if you want to be on the Sanctuary team.  We will need volunteers for time and supplies both if we should be called upon to be a sanctuary church once again.
  • Love Note: Autumn
    Dear ones- Today we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, better known as the first day of autumn.  With summertime behind us, I will resume sending Love Notes, and thought it fitting to do so with a poem in celebration of the turning of the season. For many, autumn is the favorite time of the year. Leaves begin their ...


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