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Vincent’s Quest for Beauty

As one explores May’s Theme of Nurturing Beauty, it is easy to think of art as a central element of what is beautiful in the world.  Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is a preeminent artist in modern culture, despite the inability to sell his work … read more.

What’s UUp @ First U

  • Love Note: A Postlude to Mother’s Day
    Dear ones, During our Mother’s Day Celebration of Life we explored various elements of the meaning of mothering.  In a poem written by our own Kathie Johnson entitled File Me we have additional perspective, not only of motherhood, but of the complex spectrum of womanhood. . FILE ME If you were to file me away in a large gray metal cabinet, in neat letter-size manila folders, you ...
  • Sharing the generosity of Sanctuary
    Thanks to the generosity of many strangers and friends who supported the Justice movement and First Unitarian Church of Louisville during the protests, First Unitarian is awarding grants to build a diverse multicultural community that accountably dismantles racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions. A second round for grants is underway; the window for ...
  • Our Criteria for Return to Services in the Pandemic
    If you click on the title “Our Criteria…” then click on the blue COVID 19 In-Person Risk Response Matrix – Rev 3.10.22  you will find a matrix of our plans for return to services and church activities.      Covid status as of 5/10/22: The current risk level in Louisville/Jefferson County is LOW. Weekly new cases has ...


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