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Gratitude: Memories of the Heart

Join us as First U members and friends share gratitude for what First U has given them, presented through stories, readings and music. See how you can participate by sharing what you appreciate about First U.

What are YOU Grateful for at First U?
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What’s UUp @ First U

  • Church As Sanctuary – An Interview with My Alma Mater
    This is an interview from Nov 4 featuring Rev. Lori Kyle and Rev. Stachelle Bussey talking with Emmanuel College/University of Toronto (Rev. Kyle’s Master of Divinity alma mater). https://youtu.be/0StCvZe2wA4
  • Love Note: Forever Oneness
    Dear Ones- We have talked a lot lately about separation, divisions, and silos.  I am inspired by the author naming Holiness as Forever Oneness.  Bee Lake, an Aboriginal poet, reminds us of the sacredness of Oneness, and how we learn through each other when immersed in it.  This prayerful poem also asks that we be helped to ...
  • Love Note: Hope Extends
    Hello First U! When I read this poem by Phillip Booth the words ‘Ours is no caravan of despair.’ come to mind (reference our UU hymn “Come, Come, Whoever You Are” words from a poem by Rumi). The Love Note message of hope from Election Day a few days ago centered more around external bringers of hope ...


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