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Politeness Meets Passion

As a religious movement that celebrates diverse beliefs, cultures and experiences, we are called to accept and respect one another. As a church which believes in justice, we are committed to resisting systems and ways of being which create separation, oppression and harm. Can we balance these two … read more.

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  • Our Criteria for Return to Services as the Pandemic becomes Endemic
    Covid status as of 7/12/22: The current risk level in the Louisville Metro Area (Includes surrounding counties in Indiana and Kentucky) is HIGH Weekly new cases are about 300 per 100K.  This number is likely to be lower than the actual number of cases due to the use of home tests. Weekly Covid admissions have been hovering ...
  • Love Note: Celebrating Freedom
    Dear Ones, This poem by our own Patti Lister are what accountably addressing systemic oppression looks like… acknowledging our nation’s past history and present. The message here is not meant to be a killjoy, nor to trivialize the history of a nation which has done, and continues to do, some great things. Moreover, it is wonderful that many of ...
  • Love Note: Wednesdays Blesssings for Me
    Dear Ones- Again today we are fortunate to receive the blessings that others in our midst have bestowed upon themselves (and in their willingness to share, have bestowed upon us as well).  As with the preceding days this week, our listing today contains beauty and diversity. Emerging light from today’s blessings include: sway but not break remain calm in adversity remaining ...


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