Louisville has a distinct presence in the compassion and social justice movement in the area. It is in a unique position, being a border city between the North and South. While segregation was less codified in law, it certainly did proliferate by the allowance of white business owners to set their own segregationist policies. See more in-depth information regarding the area’s history regarding civil rights.

With the help of the Fairness Campaign, Louisville and nine other Kentucky cities have enacted Fairness Ordinances prohibiting LGBTQ discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

Muhammed Ali Center

Other strong community oriented organizations are CLOUT and the Association of Community Ministries.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has created the Partnership for a Compassionate Louisville and committed to a ten year Compassionate City Campaign. The city is home to the Anne Braden Center, Muhammad Ali Center, Center for Interfaith Relations and much more.

It is worth noting there are several organizations dedicated to resettling immigrants and refugees to the area, which makes Louisville a welcoming place for people who wish to call the United States home.