The Board of Trustees is the final authority of the church on all questions of policy, long-range planning, personnel, capital improvements, finances, and building use and maintenance. The Board oversees church operations and accomplishes its activities through the use of staff and Church ministries and committees.

The Board consists of six trustees plus the secretary and treasurer, all of whom are elected by the congregation.  All trustees must be active members of the Church.

Board President Kristi Drehmel [email protected]
Board Vice President Jill Sampson [email protected]
Board Secretary Peggy Muller [email protected]
Treasurer John Grossman [email protected]
Trustee at Large Kyle Ellison
Trustee at Large Brittany Blau
Trustee at Large Ron Zorn
Trustee at Large Pat Triplett


First Unitarian Church Ministries

Connections Ministry, Brian Daly, [email protected]

Worship Ministry, Debbie Hess, [email protected]

Mission & Outreach Ministry, Del Ramey, [email protected]

Resources Ministry, Mary Ballard, [email protected]

Religious Exploration Ministry