Black Lives Matter Vigils

The Women’s Alliance of First Unitarian Church began sponsoring vigils in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in June, 2015. All are welcome to participate in these 30 minute vigils, held after the Celebration of Life (around noon) every second Sunday in front of the church building on Fourth St.  Signs are provided.

Our faith calls us to witness and take action in the face of injustice. Our vigil seeks to provide a reflection and a connection space for people calling for racial justice, for affirmation that black lives matter, and for an end to police brutality.

The vigils are but one piece of First U’s efforts to engage in a conversation about race. Each week we light a candle in the Celebration of Life in silent testimony to our determination to raise our own awareness, and to pursue justice.  Rev. Dawn Cooley issued a call to action in her powerful sermon March 22, 2015.  Our congregation raised a Black Lives Matter banner on the front of the building on Sept. 27, 2015.