Black Lives Matter

Why Black Lives Matters to First Unitarian Church

...because we at First Unitarian recognize that historically and currently, Black Lives have not mattered as much as white lives. The phrase does not mean "only" black lives matter. It means that it's time that we stand in solidarity with African American people to undo the systemic injustices that hold them back from true equality.  For more, click on the header to read an edited version of the sermon by our former minister, Rev. Dawn Cooley, that stimulated the congregant action.

Our Monthly Vigils  

One of the actions taken by First Unitarian is that we stand in vigil outside our church the second Sunday of the month after church.  Click on the header to learn more about this action.

Links to Local and National resources

For many written resources that support our decision to be allies to the Black Lives Matter movement, click on the header.