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Children’s RE hour needs helpers!

Follow the link below to sign up to be an assistant for RE hour or Children’s Celebration during the service. Lesson plans and supplies are all in place, we just need assistants to help us meet our safe classroom policy of two adults per classroom. … read more.

Touchstones Journal

There is a glitch with the system used to send out the Touchstones Journal. If you would like the January edition, please contact the office ([email protected]) and request it to be sent to you individually. This month’s theme is Justice.

Turn Off Lights

We’ve had an increase in lights being left on after people leave. Don’t forget – if you are the last one using a room or the last one in the building, turn off the lights and lock any doors you unlocked.

Weather Policy

Here’s a reminder of First U’s weather policy: When the JCPS schools are closed due to weather, then the office is officially closed. (Staff members and volunteers often come in anyway but call first if you need in the building to make sure.) CLCM’s policy … read more.

Support the Solar Array Project

This project began in 2008 with the mission of doing our part to protect the environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide into the air. So far, First U has installed 14 panels on the roofs, generating nearly five percent of the electricity the … read more.

Voice mail system down

Our voice mail system is currently out of order. If you want general information, including questions about renting space, or need to pass on a message, e-mail [email protected]. Our regular office hours are 10am–2pm Monday – Friday. The phone number is (502) 585-5110.