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Love Note: Autumn

Dear ones-

Today we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, better known as the first day of autumn.  With summertime behind us, I will resume sending Love Notes, and thought it fitting to do so with a poem in celebration of the turning of the season.

For many, autumn … read more.

Racial Justice Moment: John Lewis

Hello First U Family-

If you were able to attend this past Sunday’s service you’ll perhaps remember me mentioning the sharing of podcasts, etc… that contain messages to inform our understanding and engagement in the fight for racial justice.  This is the first of these messages.

I thought it … read more.

Love Note: The Sea/The Water

Dearest First U Family-

In order to round out our celebration of water, Elizabeth Smither offers a poem about this most sacred and useful of resources. 

In pondering water’s ever-changing nature and fluidity, the perpetual evolution of our own human condition came to mind.  For this, especially as … read more.

Love Note: The Silence of the Stars

Hello Dear Ones –

David Wagoner offers a lovely poem here about quieting our minds and our environments to hear the singing of the stars.  As I read through the poem I saw example after example of noise in my life…television – yes; street traffic – … read more.

Love Note: The BREATHE Act

Hello First U Family-

A profoundly important event occured this morning.  The BREATHE Act legislation was introduced to the public.

In a nutshell the bill addresses the following four areas:

Defund the police and divest from incarceration
Invest in new approaches to community safety
Provide resources to build healthy, sustainable, equitable communities for … read more.

Love Note: A Psalm for the 4th of July

Hello Dear Ones-

Numerous people I’ve talked to recently share an unsettled-ness that I too am experiencing this 4th of July.   The protests and civil unrest have brought to the fore the realities of what this holiday has long represented for people in our black communities.  … read more.

Love Note: Calling


Hello Dear First U,

I hope this email finds you well.  I miss seeing you.

Today’s poem is by English poet John Fuller.  I’m drawn to it because of his message of calling.

Because of the continued pandemic or the strife due to civil unrest, perhaps some of … read more.

Rev. Lori’s Summer Schedule

The following dates reflect Rev. Lori’s upcoming vacation and study leave time. Congregational leadership will contact Rev. Lori if a situation arises that requires her attention during her time away.

The Wednesday Reflections ministry has concluded.  Look for occasional Love Notes from Rev. Lori throughout the … read more.