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Love Note: Black Privilege

Hello Dear First U-

Many people are asking about how to engage in activities that would contribute to the BLM efforts to end racial injustice.  To meaningfully contribute and be allied in these efforts we are called first to develop an understanding of the experience of … read more.

LSURJ rally Monday, June 1, at noon

Dear First U Family-

Clergy from around our city received the following message from our friend Dawn Cooley this morning.

It speaks for itself, so I’ll let you read on and hope to see you downtown today at noon.

Sending love in these troubled times,

Dear friends,

Please share … read more.

Love Note: For What It’s Worth


Dear Ones,

The photo of the sign was taken last night at the downtown protest.

My inclination to send you love notes has been based on a desire to connect with you during this time of isolation, to hopefully offer you a bit of solace and support … read more.

Love Note: When the Shoe Fits


Is there something that you do that, while you’re engaged in the activity, it’s as though you’re on automatic pilot…so natural is the fit between you and the activity?  In fact it can be so natural that, like the draftsman in Chuang Tzu’s poem, there … read more.

Love Note: Winged Wisdom

Hello First U!

I hope you are enjoying this Memorial Day.  As is the case with so many things during this period, I’ve never experienced a Memorial Day quite like this one.  It’s not entirely unlike when a loved one dies and initially those who remain experience … read more.

Love Note: From a Distance

Hello First U Family!

After reading today’s poem, simply entitled “Love,” I find myself applying the words to the relationships people have with their partners (spouses, significant others). While the thought of abundant time spent together, pandemic style, might have initially sounded like a great opportunity to … read more.

Love Note: Growing Up

Hello First U Family-

Today’s poem by Susan Griffin was chosen for two reasons.  Firstly, it speaks of frustrated cooks and inpatient children and budgeted meals, which makes me think of the myriad of challenges upon us these days.  Our finances and nerves (to name a … read more.

Love Note: Giving Trees

Dear Ones-

This poem makes me think of Shel Silverstein’s classic children’s book entitled “The Giving Tree.”  In the story, a boy and a tree share a lovely relationship during the boy’s childhood, and when the boy grows into adulthood he asks and asks of the … read more.

Love Note: Zoom Church

Hello First U!

In these times of challenge, humor is an especially good ingredient to help us get through our days.  Today’s Love Note is a light one, one just to enjoy for a bit of a chuckle, compliments of the folks from Saturday Night Live.

Can … read more.

Love Note: The Other Side

Dear Ones-

What today’s poem lacks in length (as if lengthy is necessarily better) it makes up for in depth.  Mexican poet and Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz offers a message that is relevant today, similar to some we’ve heard before and worthy of our attention … read more.