Louisville is fortunate to be the home of THREE Unitarian Universalist congregations — Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church, First Unitarian Church, and Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church. The social justice components of the three congregations have banded together to form the Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network to amplify our justice work. Together, we do prison ministry at Luther Lucket Correctional Complex, we participate in social action marches and demonstrations, and we work to be known as the Standing on the Side of Love presence in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area. Learn more about Unitarian Universalist social justice events.


Every summer, the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations holds General Assembly, a gathering of representatives from the more than 1,000 member congregations. This is the way Unitarian Universalists conduct Association business — electing spokespeople and leaders, deciding what issues we will pursue as a denomination, and using the democratic process to shape what we stand for and how we will present ourselves to the world — but it is also an opportunity for diverse worship experiences, informative lectures, empowering workshops, and the chance to work and play and socialize with thousands of Unitarian Universalists from across the United States. There are wonderful programs offered for all interests, and for all ages (children and youth programming is invariably … well, AWESOME). Learn more about General Assembly.


A Common Read invites participants to read and discuss the same book in a given period of time. A Common Read can build community in our congregations and our movement by giving diverse people a shared experience, shared language, and a basis for deep, meaningful conversations. Learn more about this year’s book and discussion questions.

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