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Volunteer Office Hours: Monday through Friday 10 AM to 3 PM

For an appointment, please call 585-5110 or email the person directly.

First Unitarian Church Officers & Volunteers                                About the Board of Trustees

Board President

Kristi Drehmel president [at] (subject: First_Unitarian_Board)
Board Vice President Jill Sampson vicepresident [at]
Board Secretary Peggy Muller secretary [at] (subject: Question_for_Secretary)
Treasurer John Grossman treasurer [at]




The Web Team


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content [at] 

Editor, Steepletalk
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Barbara Creasy

editor [at] (subject: Steepletalk)

Minister Emeritus Richard Beal RichrdBeal [at]
DRE Emeritus Anne Miller afm2 [at]


First Unitarian Church Ministries

Connections Ministry
About Member Connections and Care

Brian Daly memberministry [at]

Worship Ministry
About Worship Ministry

Debbie Hess worshipministry [at]

Mission & Outreach Ministry
About Mission & Outreach Ministry

Del Ramey missionandoutreachministry [at]

Resources Ministry
About Resources Ministry

Mary Ballard resourcesministry [at]

Religious Exploration Ministry
About Religious Exploration Ministry

  religiouseducationministry [at]




Contacts in the Community

UU Pagans (CUUPS) 


cuups [at]

Women's Alliance

About Women's Alliance womensalliance [at]