Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPs)

Please join the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans of First Unitarian Church or CUUPs, as we celebrate the Turning of the Wheel of the Year with our Sabbat Celebrations and explore Earth Centered Spiritualities in our twice monthly classes.

Sabbat Circles are open to the public and anyone with a positive path is welcome.  Our Celebrations are held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Louisville.

  • Imbolc - January 29, 2017 - A time of new beginnings and setting intention for moving forward
  • Ostara - March  19, 2017
  • Beltane- April 30 , 2017
  • Midsummer - Midsummer discussion class on Wednesday June 7, 2017  There will be no potluck for this Celebration.  
  • Lammas / Lughnasadh  - Wednesday, August 3, 2016 
  • Autumn Equinox - Mabon September 18th 2016  - Bring a culinary dish to share.
  • Samhain - October 23, 2016 - Join us as we celebrate the third "harvest" festival when the veil is thin and we remember our ancestors and those that have gone before.
  • Yule / Winter Solstice - December 18, 2016 We will be attending the Winter Solstice Singing concert and CUUPs will help with the Reception after the concert.

Our Sabbat Circles are held on Sunday night (unless otherwise noted.) Doors open at 5:30 PM and Circle starts at 6PM. A potluck dinner follows around 7 PM so please bring something to share with others and stay to enjoy conversation with those of a like mind.


In addition to community and fellowship, we offer classes.  Our classes are a blend of lecture and discussion with seekers, those new to the path, and experienced practitioners in attendance. We host a variety of topics that have included Four Cornerstones of Magick, Sabbat Lore/Traditions, Beginning Meditation, Divination, Herbal Magick and many other topics.

We are currently using a Pagan curriculum with subjects that have included -  Personal Altars, God/Goddesses, Tarot Divination, Candle Magick and many others.  

Classes are on the first and third Wednesday of each Month.  Each week we discuss topics that are independent of each other so drop in when you are able to join us. 

Classes meet from 7:00pm until about 8:30pm. Upcoming classes include:

February 1 - Magical intention for drawing great things to you - discussion of  "The Secret" 

February 15 - Hermetic Principles and how it relates to Magick

March 1 -  Creating Sacred Space

March 15 - Stones and their energies - Bring your favorite Stone and share knowledge about these gifts from the earth.

April 5 - Pendulum divination - Your pendulum can do many things beyond just indicate "yes or no"

April 19 - Beltane - Class will discuss and write the upcoming Sabbat of Beltane which will be performed on                       April 30

CUUPs is a free and open community of people who practice earth-based spiritualities. We are here for the Pagan community, therefore: There is no charge to attend Circles or classes

For more information, please email us at cuups [at]   

*Poor Weather closings for our classes will follow the Jefferson County Public School closing decisions. If the public schools are closed we will not have classes for the CUUPs Group.