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The FirstULou list is an email announcement list for members and friends of First Unitarian Church, Louisville, Kentucky, to share announcements of church activities, announcements of church-related business, and announcements of church news.

The list provides a fast and friendly atmosphere for subscribers to communicate with one another. Although this list provides an additional means of communication, it should not be treated as a substitute for all other kinds of communication in due consideration to those who may not choose to subscribe.

Opinions expressed on this list are those of the individuals posting and are not sanctioned by the Board of Trustees of the First Unitarian Church.

List etiquette:

  • Check that your message is church-related.
  • Trim off excess quotes from previous messages.
  • Please refrain from posting chain letters, jokes, and virus warnings on this list.

Technical Information

  • The email address is: list [at]
  • Only subscribers may send messages to the list.
  • Posts of new subscribers will be held for review by the moderators.
  • The list does not accept attachments.
  • Church-related files may be uploaded to a files archive.
  • Responses default to the sender of the original message.
  • Contact the list manager at webweaver [at] (Subject: FirstULou%20List) with questions or comments.

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