Adult Religious Exploration

Exploration Hour for Adults

          Sundays, 9:45 to 10:45 a.m.          

Exploration Hour invites members, friends, visitors, and guests to engage in faith development and contribute to that of others. 

Age appropriate Exploration opportunities are also offered for children and youth pre-school through high school. Child care is available for infants and toddlers.

More about Child Care
Religious Exploration for Children
Children's Celebration

Summer 2018

June 10-August 12

Summer Roundtable  Gather in the library (Rm. 105) for attendee-led discussion.  Need a topic?  Pick one from the book or the basket to get things rolling.  Bring your coffee, your curiosity, and your desire for community and join us!


Spring 2018 Adult Religious Exploration Offerings

January 14 - June 3, 2018


Devi Pierce will lead discussions on the difficult issues surrounding mental health conditions.  The class will explore such topics as Autism, ADHD, Addiction, Mood conditions, Dementia, and personality conditions.  The discussions will focus not only on the characteristics and definitions of these conditions, but also on our perceptions, our use of labels, and the stigma associated with these conditions.  The emphasis will be on rethinking our deeply ingrained assumptions about mental health issues, both in regards to ourselves and to others in our community.  Class will meet on the first and third Sundays in the Library, Rm. 103.


World Religions

Elizabeth Fairhead will lead a brief introduction to religious traditions practiced around the world and in our own community that will support the faith development of participants.  The class will touch on both eastern and western religions.  Meets on fourth Sundays in the Library, Rm. 103.


Unconditional Parenting Group

Join Clare Gervasi, Co-Head of Magnolia Montessori, for a weekly parenting reflection group. Based in Unitarian principles as well as principles of Unconditional Parenting, the group is a weekly opportunity to have open-ended, guided discussion with other committed caregivers of children of all ages as well as those whose children are now grown. Weekly in room 203.


Multigenerational One Room Schoolhouse (MORSH)

On the second Sunday of the month, adults, children and youth gather with Linette and friends to explore the ministry theme through a song, story, mindfulness practice, and activity stations.  And now, adults can be part of the fun and learning, too! There will be activities suitable for adults and children.  This is a great opportunity to get to know our community members of all ages--you never know when you will make a new friend.  Please plan to join us and support our efforts to grow community through religious exploration--together! Second Sundays in the Social Hall.


Women's Spirituality Group

In Part II of the Cakes for the Queen of Heaven program, we will continue our journey into the past to reclaim the stories of powerful women to be found in ancient Judaism and in early Christianity. We will also look at the global silencing and brutalization of women that accompanied the rise of patriarchal religion and society. Finally, we will celebrate the exciting new world-view and thealogy that has emerged in our time, and explore the personal and social changes that may be suggested by that new world-view and theaology. Begins February 4, weekly in the Parlor, Rm. 101. In order to facilitate the spiritual deepening and sharing of participants, this will be a closed group, so plan to register in class on Feb. 4.

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Occasional programs 
These programs are scheduled as interest is expressed. 


New to First U Class

This  workshop is designed to introduce newcomers to Unitarian Universalism (and to First Unitarian) AND to reacquaint those who may be returning after an absence.  This session, led by several different First U members and professional staff, will provide information about Sunday services, theology, history, social justice, religious exploration and governance, and will equip participants to make an informed decision about membership.

New to First U will be repeated as needed. Please contact memberministry [at] (subject: New%20UU%20Program) (Member Ministry) to express your interest in the series.
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