September-December 2019


Immigration as a Moral Issue/ Library/Room 103

 Immigration is a contentious and complex issue. This class will offer a broad overview of some of that complexity by exploring causes, history, and economics of migration and immigration, as well as looking at issues of human rights and security.  The class will finish by weighing a number of the different solutions that have been offered.  

Facilitators:  Elizabeth Fairhead and Joan Garrett

Class meets every Sunday

Drop ins welcome

Cakes for the Queen of Heaven | Parlor, Room 101

1st & 3rd Sundays 

Part 1 of Cakes for the Queen of Heaven, Ancient Times, is an ongoing series exploring evidence of Goddess worship in prehistoric cultures as well as the ways elements of women’s lives today are influenced by the cultural patriarchy and Judeo-christian values. The primary question building the class is: How would your life have been different if, when growing up, the Divine had been imagined as female? Interactive activities, personal sharing of experiences and beliefs, as well as community-building are central to this women only course. 

Facilitated by Vanessa

Multigenerational One Room Schoolhouse | Social Hall

This class will meet every second Sunday in the Social Hall.

Adults, children and youth will gather to explore the ministry theme through a song, story, mindfulness practice, and activity stations. There will be activities suitable for adults and children. This is a great opportunity to get to know our community members of all ages–you never know when you will make a new friend.

New to First U

This class meets occasionally upon request.

This workshop is designed to introduce newcomers to Unitarian Universalism (and to First Unitarian) or to reacquaint those who may be returning after an absence. Led by several different First U members and professional staff, this class will provide information about Sunday services, theology, history, social justice, religious exploration and governance, and will equip participants to make an informed decision about membership.