Mid-Week Update July 19, 2017

Midweek Update July 12, 2017


Fresh Stop Market Next Delivery: Today, July 19;   Order by Friday, July 28 for August 2 delivery. Stop by the Fresh Stop table in the social hall after the service on Sundays to place an order, ask questions, or just to say hi.  For information about ordering, volunteering, or anything else, please contact New Roots at www.newroots.org or 502-509-6770, or Barbra Justice at or  502-234-0607 or velma2720 [at] yahoo.com. Share prices are income based, and EBT is accepted

First U Hikers The next hike will be Sunday Aug 6, starting at 7pm at Eva Bandman Park. We'll walk along Beargrass Creek, and should be mostly in the shade. Come one and all, no experience needed, this should be a nice level hike. Contact Roger for details: rohlman [at] twc.com

The CLCM Personal Care Closet is low on shampoo, deodorant and razors. If you are able to shop for these items, please bring them and place them in the collection hamper at the entrance to the kitchen.

Social Justice Action Alert  As most UUs are quite aware by our support of OWL, being educated about sexuality helps all of make better decisions throughout our whole lives as well as keeping us healthy. JCPS currently provides a very loose set of guidelines for individual schools to follow, resulting in widely varying quality in the sex-ed classes across the districts. The JCPS School Board is very close to approving the comprehensive and age-appropriate sex education guidelines that have been proposed by LSEN (Louisville Sex-Ed Now). Currently, there are three members in favor, one likely, two against, and one uncommitted. 
We are collecting signatures for a petition to send to the uncommitted board member, Stephanie Horne, so she knows there is strong support for the guidelines. Mission and Outreach Ministry will again be collecting signatures after church this Sunday. If you won't be making it to church, phone calls are also appreciated. Ms Horne's office number is 502-485-3566
Here's a sample phone message you might leave:
 Hello, my name is ____________. As a Jefferson County resident, I support comprehensive sex education guidelines for all JCPS schools. 
LSEN will stage a rally in support of the guidelines at 3 pm, on Tueday, Aug. 1, at the Van Hoose Education Center on Newburg Road. A policy hearing about the sex-ed guidelines will take place at 4 pm following the rally. We hope as many supporters as possible will attend.  
Trish Ramey, Mission & Outreach Ministry

Forecastle Festival Report First U friends worked 15 slots at one of the beverage booths at Forecastle Festival last weekend. I think a good time was had by all, and raised some much needed cash for First U (total to be announced later). Many thanks to our hard-working crew!

First U Justice Broadsheet Words without Action are not enough. Mission and Outreach Ministry invites you to sign up for the Social Justice Broadsheet email with actions you can participate in. Contact Del at del.ramey [at] ieee.org

Women’s Alliance Grant Opportunity Dear Women’s Alliance members: As a reminder, you only have a short time to apply for a Women’s Alliance grant. Grants can be for any project serving women and/or children at First U, in our local community, or anywhere in the world.  This may be your chance to support its cause with a one-time grant of $600. Past awards have gone to upgrading the nursery here at First U and as a gift to a children's center.  Get an application by either contacting Lois Allen at 502-935-3554 / loisjeanallen [at] gmail.comor ( or) picking one up in the volunteer area. The deadline is Tuesday, August 1, 2017. PS:  Not a Women’s Alliance member?  You can join now!  Dues are $10.  See Jane Martin Buckley or Kathy Gapsis for more information.  Thanks!

Interim Minister The Board is pleased to announce First Unitarian has contracted an Interim Minister, Reverend Kathy Hurt.  Rev. Kathy Hurt has been a transitional and developmental minister in several churches over her 30-year career in ministry.  She grew up in Texas and life has taken her to California, Michigan, Ohio, and Minnesota.  She's a Meadville Lombard Seminary graduate and was ordained by Unity Church - Unitarian in St. Paul.  She started out in Minnesota helping churches do the transition work of preparing for new ministers.  Over her long career, she's seen it all.  Growing churches, fellowships exploring how to hire their first full time minister, even one church in Ohio that was liberal Baptist exploring converting to our Unitarian Universalist denomination. In between her years of formal ministry, she ran her own community ministry business, did work with women and children and at risk youth and got a masters degree in counseling.  Most recently she's been the Senior Minister at Birmingham Unitarian Church in Michigan where she is finishing out the church year before coming here to settle in for the next two years. Our first Sunday with Rev. Hurt will be August 6th, where we will welcome her with cake and fellowship, so mark your calendars and plan on being here as she introduces herself to us and join us for a celebration after that service.

Supplies for RE Hi Folks!  As we prepare for our fall Explorations, we find that we will need some specific supplies not currently in our supply closet.  If you have any of the following, please drop them off at church outside the DRE office upstairs.  Thanks!  Shoe boxes (smallish), Buttons (larger are better), Paper grocery bags (minimal printing preferred), Socks for sock puppets, Hats representing different careers, Beanie Babies, Film containers or small pill bottles without labels, Sporting magazines, Sports sections of newspapers, Broken or obsolete machines to take apart, Beanbags for tossing/juggling, Altoid mint tins, Interesting beads, Currency from different nations (can loan to be returned), Tarnished pennies.  Thanks for your help! Linette Lowe


John Gage First Unitarian will be honored to welcome back an old friend, John Gage. He will lead us through his spiritual journey in song in the 11 am Celebration of Life on Sunday July 30.  He is a singer/songwriter in the folk/country/blues tradition whose music touches the heart with spiritual content that strives to connect us all to our deeper selves, each other and creation.  He is executive producer and host of the "Kentucky Homefront" radio show on Louisville's public radio station WFPK-FM.  John is also a participating artist in the "Arts in Healing" initiative through the Kentucky Center for the Arts.  His latest recording, "Just Between You and Me,” featuring 10 original songs is available online.

Celebration of Life 11:00 am
 “This I Believe: My Spiritual Journey”
Members of the First Unitarian congregation will give short talks about their personal spiritual journeys. Speakers include: Brian Daly, Linda Berry, Christopher Lee, Myrrandha Arkaen, Nancy MacPherson, Timothy Queen, Clare Zigner, Millie Peters, Clare Gervasi, and Maureen Taylor

Religious Exploration: Sundays 9:45-10:45
Nursery Infants and toddlers will be engaged with an age-appropriate chalice lighting, story, activity, snack & play time each week. Room 214

Children Preschool through Middle School will enjoy an all-ages curriculum developed by one of our own youth a few years back based on the seven UU principles.  We'll have a story, activity stations, and learn about an important UU from history each week.

Adult RE Classes by popular demand, we will be offering Jedi Academy for Adults.  This is a class focused on using the Force for good through mindfulness training.  You don't need to know or love Star Wars to participate, but light sabers are welcome!  Coffee and Social Justice will also be offered.

Calendar Events
9:45   Religious Exploration 
11:00 Celebration of Life
4:00 Trans Children/Youth Family Gathering