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March 25, 2020

Current Church Operations

  • Sunday services in the sanctuary remain canceled for now and continue to be accessible via Zoom.  see below for instructions
  • Religious Exploration class (child and adult) remain canceled in person, but thanks to ZOOM and other options, we can provide RE.  See below for details.
  • First U meetings are to be held via Zoom. Contact your meeting/committee chair for details.
  • Calls to the church office will be forwarded to and received in email by Barbara, our office manager ([email protected]).  If you leave an email address she can respond to you more quickly.
  • We will continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC and the Governor’s office regarding the future resumption of church services and activities.


Joys and Sorrows
One of the important aspects of a church service is sharing our joys, concerns and sorrows with one another. We encourage you to share if you wish, by email.  Emails received by 10:00am Sunday will be included in Sunday’s service.

Donations and Pledges
First Unitarian is a resilient and vibrant community! Our important work continues through this public health emergency, even as our habits and routines are changing. You can support our community and its mission in a variety of ways.
* Via website at
* Via Phone using the GIVE+ app
* Have your bank send checks one time or automatically.
* Mail a check to the church

See below for more details on How to Give.

Join Us for the UU Common Read Group Online: March 29 
Additional date: You are cordially invited to attend our ZOOM meeting at 12:30 Sunday, March 29 discussing the Common Read– “An Indigenous People’s History of the United States”. We are discussing Chapters 1 & 2. To join the call click To join the click here. Contact Loren for more information.

Beware Email Scams
Whenever you receive an email from someone that seems “odd” to you, there’s a good chance that it is fake. Scammers are able to get your email and send fake messages to everyone in your contact list. Never send money or make purchases if it isn’t something you have talked to the sender about. To check it out, contact the person that sent the email, but NOT by replying! Send a separate email and ask if the person sent it.

Opportunities for Sharing: How to Send Donations and Pledges.


Go to “” home page.  Click on blue “Give” in the home page masthead, then click the big blue button that takes you to a donation page. Select General Operating Fund, put in an amount and fill out the form.
You’ll be asked to make an account and connect a payment method, so you may want to get set up before it is time to press the give button on Sunday morning.

NEW Donate Using Your Smart Phone
Visit the App Store on your phone. Download Vanco’s app = GIVE+
Search for our zip code (40203) and pick our church. Then log in with your existing account OR set one up the first time. You’ll see the same options you see online.

Check from You or Your Bank
If you normally put a check in the offering basket, you can mail it to the church (809 S. Fourth Street, Louisville 40203) and we’ll make sure it gets to the bank. This is also a great opportunity to automate your pledge payment if your bank offers that service!

Stewardship Update
This year we are doing things a little differently! We have a group of very friendly canvassers who will be contacting each member and friend of the church to discuss pledging. If you have not yet been contacted or have questions please speak to Devi or send an email to “[email protected]” ATTN Devi Pierce in the title/heading.

Join Us Sunday, March 29

Celebration of Life 11:00 

(Online only)

Could This be a Reset Button?
Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

Join us ONLINE  via Zoom

As the COVID-19 crisis has continued to wreak havoc these past few weeks, one overhears comments that people have never seen anything like this phenomenon in their lives. While many of us are challenged by the requirement to ‘hunker down’ in isolation in order to protect ourselves and others from the spread of the virus, it is easy to overlook the potential silver lining of time that such circumstances offer.  This Sunday, as we acknowledge the myriad of challenges that have and continue to descend upon us, we will explore the possibility of an upside…the opportunity of hitting a reset button.

ZOOM Into First U

Members and friends can sign into Zoom and access the service in real time.
Go to the website (  Click on the “Worship” tab.
Then select “Live Stream our Service” and follow the the directions.

or you may join from your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or join by phone:     +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 450 892 9882

The Changing Face of Religious Exploration
All of us at First Unitarian have been brainstorming all sorts of ideas to help keep us connected and to help us continue to engage in religious exploration. Though we are apart, we will get through this together.  If you have questions, please email [email protected]
Here are some of the things we are implementing in the coming weeks:
ZOOM meetings for the UU Common Read: You are cordially invited to attend our ZOOM meeting at 12:30 Sunday, March 29  discussing the Common Read- “An Indigenous People’s History of the United States”. We are discussing Chapters 1 & 2. To join the call, enter in your browser:  You will need to install the Zoom app before the meeting.
A private Facebook group where folks could share tips, resources and send out an SOS if needed.We’ll let you know when this is online.
Online resources for adult and children’s RE
Two BAND groups for children and adult RE where specific resources can be shared, along with pictures and videos. BAND is a group messaging application you can download free on your phone and/or computer.
     First Unitarian Children RE invitation code is :
     First Unitarian Adult RE invitation code is :
If you are connecting via a computer, it can be helpful to use headphones plugged into your headphone jack for clarity of sound. This is all new to most of us! SO bear with us as we figure out the best way to use this technology to keep connected.

Beyond Our Walls

Community Updates from the Care Team
The First U Care Team is here for you.  To keep everyone informed about what is going on in our community, the Care Team  at First Unitarian is providing links to resources whenever possible. If you are aware of any events or organization that can provide services or assistance during this time, please let us know.  If you wish to contact them, contact your care team person directly or email the Care Team.

Calvary Food Pantry Needs You!

A Calendar for Giving
The need for donations is higher than ever. In order to ensure that those in need have a steady food supply, we’ve developed a Calendar for Giving. 
Here’s how it works:
1) Choose a date to donate funds or food  Now until – April 30
2) Contact Rev. Lori (or 502-585-5110) with your date and choice of giving. If you leave a phone message, please leave an email address for quicker response.
a) you buy food and deliver to Calvary (across the parking lot from First U)  Mon-Thurs 9-1pm   [preferred]
b) you buy food and we’ll pick it up from you and deliver to Calvary
c) you donate funds and we do the rest! Via:

  • CLCM Facebook Donation
  • Postal mail to CLCM (809 S. 4th St., Louisville, KY 40203)
  • Cash pickup at your home

Any questions?  Ready to sign up?  Contact Rev. Lori asap!

Thank you, First U, for your giving so far.  

It makes ALL the difference!!