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We offer a hybrid approach to our Sunday Celebration of Life services, both in-person and via zoom.  For the zoom link, go the “Live Stream Our Service” on the home page upper right corner.  The Meeting ID is 4508929882  You will not need a password. 

Upcoming Calendar Events

11 am
Sunday services
(Children attend until after the Moment for All Ages)
All Ages RE
SunMar 311 amInviting Transformation
Rev. Mary Ann Macklin
SunMar 3noonFirst Sunday Lunch
SunMar 31:15 –
4 pm
for both of these classes PRE-registration was required
Death and Dying Class
OWL Class
SunMar 32-4 pmABCs of Birth Control in Kentuckiana
The Temple Klein Center
Co-sponsored by KRCRC and NCJW
SunMar 10wee hoursTime Change: Spring Forward
SunMar 1010 amNew to UU Class, Part 2
MonMar 186:30 pmCLOUT Rally
St John Paul Catholic Church



First Sunday Lunch March 3
Menu:  Mac and cheese bar: Homemade macaroni and cheese with your choice of an array of toppings; Greek chopped salad and Triple chocolate brownies.



NEW TO UU Opportunity: Two-part Class Continues Next Week!
New attendees at First Unitarian are encouraged to attend a two-part “New to UU” class in the church library on Sunday, February 25 and March 10 from 10:00-10:45 am. Childcare is available!  Learn about the church and the interesting people who attend our services. Let us know if you plan to attend by emailing us at [email protected]

THIS JUST IN – ABC’s of Birth Control in Kentuckiana

Sunday, March 3, 2-4 pm, at the Temple Klein Center, 5101 US 42, 40241.

Join representatives from the National Council of Jewish Women, the Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (with an office at First U), Planned Parenthood, medical specialists and others committed to protecting our fundamental right to bodily autonomy. This is an educational program for people age 10 and up of all genders and orientations. In states like Kentucky and Indiana, where abortion is illegal even for rape and incest, it is important to be educated and protected. Please come with family, friends, and your questions and stories. Child care willl be provided.

RSVP by email to [email protected] or calling 502-458-5566

Sun, Mar 3-11 am

Transformation and Letting Go

Rev. Mary Ann Macklin

March is a month which invites new beginnings; our congregational theme for the month is Transformation. Writer William Bridges reminds us,  “Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster… We resist transition not because we can’t accept the change, but because we can’t accept letting go of that piece of ourselves that we have to give up when and because the situation has changed.”  We will explore transformation and letting go in this worship service. 

Our Moment for All Ages will be our monthly Children’s Hymn Sing.

Sections Below in the following order

Social Justice

Our Community

Religious Education


Social Justice


Just in case you need an email address for locating lawmakers:

  • Contact your Kentucky representatives: click for contact information.
    • Note that First U member Lisa Willner is a representative for the 35th district
  • Contact your US House representative: click for contact information.
  • Contact your US Senator: click for contact information.

Help the Women’s Alliance Help Others
The Women’s Alliance is offering outreach and assistance to residents of The Hope Village by preparing and delivering a hot dinner every other month. The Hope Village provides a safe outdoor living space as well as support services to those who are experiencing houselessness. The Hope Village is located at 212 E. College Street, just a few blocks from our church.
Our next dinner delivery will be on Tuesday, March 19th. If you would like to help with a financial contribution toward these meals, please look for the basket marked “Hope Village” at the next Sunday luncheon. Thank you!

Mark Your Calendar Now!  Important CLOUT  Meetings Coming Up
(Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together)

  • Rally  Monday, March 18, 6:30pm at St. John Paul Catholic Church (3539 Goldsmith Lane. Louisville) — Where you learn about the issues CLOUT is currently working on, what upcoming actions are, and how you make a difference.
  • Nehemiah Assembly  Tuesday, April 16, at 6:30pm at Memorial Auditorium (970 S. Fourth Street, Louisville)  — Where we meet with officials with decision-making authority relating to our issues. Our information and large presence often affects officials to decide an issue in ways that benefit more underserved residents of Louisville. Plan to attend!  The First U contingent will park at First U and walk together to the auditorium to our reserved seating.

Pay Attention to What is Happening in Frankfort

As individuals and as a church as a whole, we pay attention to justice issues. Right now, as the lawmakers return to Frankfort, we must remain especially diligent.

This month, the Kentucky General Assembly convenes for a 60-day session. Use the Daily Legislative Calendar to keep up. Call the Legislative Message Line at1-800-372-7181 during the Session. Save the number in your phone so you can easily make a call during your commute to work, when you are doing the dishes, or during your lunch break! 

From the Coalition for the Homeless: Bills of Interest

What We’re Supporting

  • HB71: Eviction Expungement. Creates a pathway for evictions to be expunged and to prevent minors from being listed by name in eviction filings.
  • Invest in Housing and Shelter. Dedicates $200 million for housing and shelter in the biannual budget.
  • Kentucky Housing Interim Task Force. Creates a Kentucky Housing Interim Task Force to hear testimony, study solutions, and recommend policies for future legislation to meet Kentuckians’ housing needs.
  • HB100: Free Birth Certificates. Expands free Kentucky birth certificates to homeless adults who need one to gain secure housing, employment, and other supports

What We’re Opposing
The Safer KY Act. This act—which has not yet been formally filed—was discussed in the Judiciary Committee. The wide-ranging bill would contain many pieces that are alarming to us in homeless services. The Safer KY Act is:

  • Anti-housing first. The bill would make it illegal for local governments to use federal dollars on successful, evidence-based housing first programs, putting at least $30 million in annual federal housing funds at risk across Kentucky.
  • Criminalizes all tenant damages. The bill would criminalize tenant damages (costing any more than one cent) to rental units, with jail time of up to one year and fines of up to $500 for the first offense.
  • Criminalizes homelessness. The bill would criminalize sleeping in cars and encampments for Kentuckians who have no other place to go, with fines of up to $250 and up to 90 days in jail.
  • Legally protects those who use physical force against homeless people. The bill would establish legal protections for property owners to use physical force against homeless people who they view as a threat.

Take Action:  Say No to the Safer Kentucky Act
The Safer Kentucky Act takes a mean-spirited and punitive approach to addressing people who are houseless. Rather than creating opportunities for support and engaging the houseless in finding safe places to live, this bill increases hardship and incarceration.  Please contact your Kentucky lawmakers and tell them to reject House Bill 5 Policies.

From the Committee on Homelessness: How First U is Engaging with the Homelessness Problem in our Community
We have three main charges:

  1. to engage with people experiencing homelessness on our Church property from a position of compassion
  2. to maintain a safe and clean perimeter around the Church
  3. to partner with organizations in the community that provide services for people experiencing homelessness and address underlying structural causes.

 We have three teams of volunteers:

  • The Churchyard Tenders, who keep our churchyard clean so that people do not see it as an area for loitering and to leave trash. It takes an hour or less for the Tenders to acquit their duties, and we try to clean most days of the week.
  • The Compassion Team monitors the security cameras around the Church, and if people are loitering or sleeping on the grounds, meets them, provides them with information about services, finds out if there is any immediate help needed, and guides them off our property.
  • UP Coffee Service. We provide coffee and other beverages on Monday mornings for the clients of Uniting Partners (UP) for Women and Children. UP is a downtown day shelter for women and children that offers much-needed services and assistance in finding housing. It is the ONLY such shelter for women in our community.

    The First U Women’s Alliance has supported our work with UP financially. The Women’s Alliance also provides a bi-monthly meal to residents of HOPE Village, which operates just a few blocks from our Church.

 Could we do more? YES! We have a dedicated but bare-bones group of volunteers, and we welcome more participation! What are you interested in? Talk to Suzanne Meeks or Cassandra Culin.

CLCM Food Pantry: Cereal
March 7 is National Cereal Day, and kicks off the CLCM Food Pantry food drive for the month of March. Thanks to those who brought cereal to the church service today! We’ll continue to collect cereal, and all non-perishable food donations, in the big blue basket in the sanctuary, or dropped off next door at Calvary Church, 821 S 4th St, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-11:30am.

Last month’s collection of soup for Souper Bowl Sunday netted 1,096 cans of soup from very generous members of First U and members of the other 10 CLCM congregations.

Questions? Call CLCM at 502-587-1999.

CLCM Volunteers: A Note from CLCM
CLCM is showing love to our volunteers this month, and we especially appreciate these First U volunteers: Mary Ballard, Kathy Gapsis, Barbra Justice, Kathy Kremer, John Peabody, Kris Philipp, and Tiffany Taylor. These folks meet and greet clients, work with the personal care closet, assist with emergency utility assistance, answer phones and take messages, coordinate the quarterly bike giveaways, and do data entry.  We’re so grateful for their dedication and open hearts.

Diapers Needed for La Casita
The La Casita Center is low on diapers, especially sizes 4, 5, 6 and all sizes of Pull-ups. You can drop off donations from 10am-3pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 223 E. Magnolia Avenue or order online using their Amazon or Target registry to be delivered there. 


Our Community


Happy Birthday Charles Whaley!
On Thursday, February 29, long-time church member Charles Whaley will celebrate his 24th birthday.  He will turn 96 years old!

NEW TO UU Opportunity  
New attendees at First Unitarian are encouraged to attend a two-part “New to UU” class in the church library on Sunday, February 25 and March 10 from 10:00-10:45 am. Childcare is available!  Learn about the church and the interesting people who attend our services. Let us know if you plan to attend by going to the link or emailing us. 

“Making a Difference” Canvasser Meeting – Sunday, March 3
A short meeting (and training) for people who are willing to help with our pledge campaign is planned on Zoom and in-person in the library at 10:00 to 10:45am in the Library.  Snacks and great people will be there.  Click here for the zoom link. Information provided by Brian Daly. Contact Brian if you have questions.

Help the Women’s Alliance Help Others
The Women’s Alliance is offering outreach and assistance to residents of The Hope Village by preparing and delivering a hot dinner every other month. The Hope Village provides a safe outdoor living space as well as support services to those who are experiencing houselessness. The Hope Village is located at 212 E. College Street, just a few blocks from our church.
Our next dinner delivery will be on Tuesday, March 19th. If you would like to help with a financial contribution toward these meals, please look for the basket marked “Hope Village” at the next Sunday luncheon. Thank you!

CUUPs on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

The Covenant of UU Pagans (CUUPS) educational group meets in the church library on the first and third Wednesday of each month and begin class at 7pm. All of CUUPS classes and public rituals are open to all our church family. If you have an interest in learning more about Earth-Centered spirituality, please join us.

First U Book Club on the second Monday of each month

Changes are happening with book club. We are returning to our 6pm start time beginning on March 11 when we will be discussing Tiya Miles’ “All That She Carried”.  If you need a copy  to join the discussion, please discuss how to check out a library copy reserved for the book club with any book club member.

In April, to accommodate the viewing of the solar eclipse, the book club will meet on April 15 instead of the 8th. Our April selection is “Flight Behavior” by Barbara Kingsolver

Here are the books selected for the next 6 months.

March  All That She Carried   Tiya Miles     
April  Flight Behavior    Barbara Kingsolver         
May  The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks  Rebecca Skloots  
June Better Lucky Than Good Arenson – Biker to Airline Pilot
OR Churchill Downs stories
July The Personal Librarian Marie Benedict   
August  Lark Ascending   Silas House

Kitchen Crew Members Wanted
Thanks to those who’ve volunteered to wash dishes for the First Sunday Luncheons! By using reusable dishes and cloth napkins, First U has cut back on the amount of trash we throw into landfills.* But we need your help: we need more dishwashers!  In just one hour, you can be a part of First U honoring its 2022 resolution to protect the environment.  You and your ideas are welcome.  Contact Kathy K with your questions, comments, or to sign up. 

(*Landfills emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas that affects climate change by contributing to increased global warming. The methane emissions from landfills in 2021 were approximately equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from nearly 23.1 million gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year. Total annual landfills generation in the U.S. has increased by 93% since 1980. (Sources: Center for Sustainable Systems, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Greeters – We Need You!
Welcome others to our church. We need a few great folks to extend a welcome to those who visit our services.  A strong corps of volunteers make this happen and we need your help. Learn more by visiting our greeter survey  and/or contacting Rita Sasse.

Chancel Table Decorators Wanted
Every week, a volunteer on the decorations committee creates a decoration for the chancel table. We would like to have more volunteers.  We plan for two or three months and volunteers choose their Sunday.  Some purchase flowers and others bring flowers or greenery from their yards, but only natural (fresh or dried) plant materials are requested.  Interested volunteers, please contact Carol Tobe.

Interested in Being a Worship Assistant?
The Worship Committee would like to invite those interested in being a Worship Assistant during Sunday services to contact them. Speaking would be optional. If you would like to help with small tasks before, during, and after the Sunday service, contact Jamie McGloin-King or Pat Allison.

Coffee Hour Volunteers Needed: Sign Up Now
Our Coffee Hour after church needs volunteer hosts. If you are willing to meet new people, catch up with fellow churchgoers, and ruin your well-regulated diet with occasional treats, this opportunity is for you! It entails making coffee, putting out treats, encouraging others to enjoy this after-church activity, and then cleaning up the refreshment area. It usually takes about 40 minutes one Sunday every eight weeks after church.  For more info or just to volunteer, click on this link. Thanks

Church Music Ensemble
Are you interested in joining us? We welcome all instruments! Contact Bill Allison at 502-552-3746 or via email for more information. We practice at 7pm Tuesdays in the Choir Room.

Joys and Sorrows
One of the treasures of church congregations is the way people care about and support each other. Our joys and sorrows are shared during our services, whether in person or via chat. Only those actually associated with the church (as member, friend, or active participant) will receive the emailed list of shared joys and sorrows and by request only. Contact the office to be placed on the list. If you have already signed up, you do not need to do so again. Click here for more information. 

Protect Yourself AND Your Friends Online
In this age of technology we are more vulnerable to digital infiltration than ever. Phishing attacks, where an outside entity attempts to gain access to your personal identifying information, are becoming increasingly common. If you think you have been the target of a phishing attempt, do not open any attachments or click on any links! Report the attempt when and where possible. Google has a feature to report emails you suspect of phishing. To use this tool, you will open the message in question. Next to the “Reply” button, click “more”. This will open a menu. Select “Report Phishing”. 

Recently some members of the congregation have received emails pretending to be from church staff asking for the password to our membership list. Do not share passwords even if you recognize the person asking. Do not reply to these emails, Do not click on any links. Use an independent means of contacting (phone, in person, etc) the person you think is sending the email and ask if they actually sent it.

Religious Exploration

See the RE section of the website.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call or text the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 or online at 988lifeline.org. The Lifeline provides 24-hour, confidential support to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress. Call 911 in life-threatening situations.

~ Land Acknowledgment ~

First U acknowledges that Shawnee, Cherokee, Chickasaw and Osage native peoples lived on the land we now call Kentucky prior to their forced removal. We honor both our past and ongoing connection to them.

Find out more here.

To Reach Us

Office Hours 11am-3pm Monday-Thursday  Email is the best way to reach us.
Our mailing address is: 809 South Fourth Street | Louisville, Kentucky 40203

For More Information
Contact the Church Office
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