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Midweek UUpdate, October 21, 2020


Mini Fall Pledge Campaign

October 18-November 1
Each year First U undertakes a pledge drive where we ask members and friends to embrace generosity as a spiritual practice and become stewards of the church.  We ask for a financial pledge to support the church both within its own walls and also out in the larger community. 

This pledge is made in writing and is paid on a schedule that works for each donor. The campaign in March, 2020, was made more difficult by the pandemic and the lockdown. In that time of uncertainty people were told that if they needed more time to consider their financial situation, another campaign would be held in the fall. In addition, we have had quite a few folks begin to join us for our Sunday Zoom services and new friends who have come to know us through our 5 nights as a sanctuary church for the protesters.

Therefore, a Mini Fall Pledge Campaign will be held from Sunday, October 18 through Sunday, November1 for those who would like to make a financial pledge to First Unitarian Church.
Whether this will be your first time to pledge or you would like to increase your current pledge, we can connect you with a volunteer who can give you information. Just email Nancy M, Stewardship Chair, with your contact information.

HELP! We Need More Coats – Support the CLCM Coat Drive

Next Tuesday, 10/27, CLCM will be holding its annual Coat Giveaway. We are collecting your gently used coats, in adult and children’s sizes, to be distributed to our neighbors in need. You can drop off coats to the church between 9:30-11:30 Monday-Thursday now until October 22 OR call the church office for open hours.  Please share the word to your family and friends. Last year CLCM gave away 460 coats! We anticipate as much or more need this year as well. Thanks, as always for your generosity.
Committee on Homelessness Collecting Winter Items
The committee will be giving away winter items (gloves, hats, etc) so please start gathering them. More details to follow

Earth Walk:

Join in from Wherever You Are!  

Celebrate our beautiful planet while raising awareness and funds for 13 local organizations that work to protect and improve the quality of life for all. Choose the 5K walk anytime, anywhere, or the Free Form. Click here to register, donate, or learn more.


Ghoulish Giving
Here’s your chance to make a child’s Halloween more fun!  Please bring donations (see list in ad below) labeled “Ghoulish Giving” or “Hope Bus” to First U by October 27 and Rev. Lori will deliver to a drop-off location.


Community Police Survey: Deadline October 27 at 11am

Mayor Greg Fischer encourages community members to participate in an anonymous survey as part of a top-to-bottom review of the Louisville Metro Police Department. The goal is to “understand the broader community’s perspective on the role of police personnel, police management and community relations in the city of Louisville.” For more information, click here.
To participate in the community survey, click here.


Community Input Needed for Equitable Land Development Code

As First Unitarian’s response to racial justice evolves, congregants support of
this more equitable Land Development Code (LDC) is encouraged.
The LDC is a set of rules that regulates development and what can be done with private property. Many elements within the LDC have not been revised since the early 1960s and continue to incorporate discriminatory policies first introduced in 1931.  “While racist regulations remain on our books, we cannot fully move toward creating a more equitable city for our marginalized communities,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. Residents’ feedback and suggestions are needed as Louisville Metro conducts a full-scale review of the Land Development Code (LDC) to identify and correct inequitable land use regulations and policies within the code. For historical background, proposed LCD, meeting times, and ways to comment click here.



Joe Kremer’s first novel has been published!  Brainstorm is the story of an Louisville EMT whose shock therapy treatment saves him from despair and gives him a sixth sense about the accidents and injuries he encounters on the job every day, as they happen. 

It’s available from bookstores and from Amazon.



Join the first ever Kentucky UU Justice Action Network (KUUJAN) all-network gathering! On Wednesday, October 7, at 7pm ET special guest Heather Vickery of the UU College of Social Justice will  will invite us to deepen our understanding of the Seven Principles as it connects to our personal beliefs and ideals, then practice speaking about justice work in way that is deeply rooted in UU values. This workshop is free and online. Register here. 

UU the Vote

UUs in Kentucky are joining other UUs to get out the vote.  Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Phone bank volunteer with LSURJ for the important votes in Georgia.  Phone bank dates  Register here.
  • LSURJ  also needs volunteers to fill the role of: data team, Slack moderator, Zoom support, coach, and phone banker. Sign up!


Update on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

a letter to First U from Angela Arnett Garner
I grew up in the First Unitarian Universalist Church during the 1970s and early 1980s. As a UU I feel very strongly about being an active social justice advocate. In my case I am known for my work on behalf of the Native American community and the Indigenous Peoples Day movement, having worked with Stanford City Council to pass the first IPD proclamation in Kentucky history. I also helped 21 other cities pass IPD proclamations in Kentucky.
I have been in communication with the Governors office this year and submitted a proposal for the first statewide Indigenous Peoples Day proclamation in our state’s history. On Indigenous Peoples Day I received word that Governor Beshear did in fact sign the historic proclamation. I thought First UU members would love to know this update. I spoke in the church in September, 2018 on the progression of the movement. I am including a copy of the proclamation and news coverage. 

Click here to contact Angela.


An Update from the Solar Array Project  Savings: In CO2 Output as Well as Money

Did you know that First Unitarian has saved $2,688 dollars in electric and gas this year compared to the same period last year?  Much of this has come from using the building less and the additional solar panels. 

But 14% was saved in January on both electric and gas, and 20% and 26% respectively was saved in February, before our church was closed down. So, minding our use of energy makes a difference too. And it shows, not just in dollars, this also reduced our CO2 output by 14.5 tons.  This amount would fill up the Sanctuary almost 3 times.
Rooftop Tour
Solar Array Project members Roger Ohlman, Uwe Eickmann and Joe and Kathy Kremer attended a rooftop tour on September 2 led by SunWind Power Systems’ Jeremy Coxon. Jeremy installed 32 more solar panels, thereby increasing the number of panels on the roof to 56.
Thanks to so many donors and friends, including recent gifts from Uwe, Susan Wilburn, Roger Ohlman and everyone who donated cash, scrap metal, and thousands of aluminum cans since 2008. Our church roof is nearly covered with solar panels.

Solar Array Project Still Accepting Scrap Metal
One of our members wondered if we were still accepting scrap metal since the church roof is nearly full of solar panels (and 10 HVAC rooftop units).  We wanted you to know that the answer is …  YES! 

 The new solar panels have more than doubled the total electricity output for the church, but we can do other things in addition to the solar panels to cut back (and hopefully eliminate) using any non-renewables. So keep those aluminum cans and other scrap odds and ends coming and stay tuned for other energy-saving changes in the future!

Overhead Access Help Needed
First Unitarian now has 56 solar panels on the roof and there are only two ways to photograph them all. If you have a drone with a camera or have a contact in the 800 Building please email Joe.

Louisville Earth Walk – Save the Date: October 24 
More details will be shared closer to the date. Click here for information.
 Thanks to Roger Ohlman, Kathy and Joe Kremer for this update.


Mask Makers Needed

Masks are needed even more urgently by vulnerable people as the pandemic grinds on.  Please consider joining First U’s mask-making effort coordinated by Rita for Women’s Alliance. She can provide sewing instructions, supply some fabric and elastic, and pick up and drop off supplies or masks. Donations of cotton/cotton blend sheets, especially dark colors or prints, for mask making are greatly appreciated. Grateful mask recipients include CLCM for their volunteers and clients, Clinic Escorts for their volunteers and patients of EMW Clinic, and Phoenix Health Center’s Common Assessment Team for people experiencing homelessness.  Contact Rita


Easy Donations to First U at No Cost to You
Kroger Community Rewards Program

Have you signed up with the Kroger Community Rewards Program? Each quarter Kroger sends a check for a portion of the money spent by Kroger shoppers to their designated group. This doesn’t cost you a cent!  All you have to do is designate where you’d like them to send the money and when you use your Kroger Rewards Card/number when purchasing, it’s automatic.

Click here to get started.

  • Scroll down to link your card to an organization.
  • Search by number (CN305) or name (First Unitarian Church Louisville) under Faith Based Organizations.
  • Click Enroll

They’ll take it from there, sending a percentage of the amount you spend at Kroger to First Unitarian. The more people participate, the more is sent to First U at no cost to you. You can check the bottom of your receipt to make sure your request has been added.


Religious Exploration 
New online programs begin THIS Sunday!
Click here to see details in the Fall RE update.
Middle School –
Crossing Paths, An Interfaith Adventure Orientation
for Parents and Youth
this Sunday, September 13th at 12:30pm!

Students strengthen their understanding of Unitarian Universalism by learning about other faith communities. The online program features games, videos, intervews of faith leaders and visiting worship services all around the country.  
Here is the registration form if you haven’t signed up yet.  Join our Band Group for communication throughout the year.
Crossing Paths Zoom Link     
Meeting ID: 861 8133 1131     
Passcode: contact [email protected]


Children’s Worship Circle
Sunday Mornings at 10:30am 
Click here to zoom in.
20-25 minutes
Every Sunday morning we’ll gather to light the chalice, share our joys and concerns, and then a story or game that explores our faith. Adults: we’d love you to volunteer to be a guest leader! Contact Loren to sign up: 


Policing in America: Past, Present and Future

Beginning September 20 at 4pm

Policing the Black Man:
Arrest Prosecution and Imprisonment

Edited by Angela Davis, Bryan Stephenson,
Marc Mauer, Bruce Western and Jeremy Travis.
Please join us for this very special class that will delve into what we all need to understand about the past, present and future of policing. The class will meet via Zoom every other Sunday at 4pm. 

Discussion Leader: Joan Garrett: – Joan is a probation officer who specializes in supervising violent convicted felons. As someone who has worked in the criminal justice system for 25 years, Joan has a unique perspective to share. In 2006 she earned a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Louisville.
Students will read 1-2 chapters between discussion zoom meetings.
Books are available from First Unitarian. A donation to cover the cost of the book is appreciated but not necessary. Please email Loren to order a book. See the link to order it yourself in the RE Update.

Working Toward Racial Justice

Frozen Water Project for Black Lives Matter
First U continues to support the protesters at Breonna Square through supplying ice daily to the KY Alliance table, and also to the street medics. About 30 First U members & friends are donating money, buying and delivering ice to church, and delivering ice to the square. We are living our principles outside our walls! Contact Kathy G.

Medic team support
First Unitarian is supporting the medic team working to save lives at the BLM protests in Louisville. Initially we donated the use of one of our classrooms to store medical supplies after tents and supplies at Injustice Park were destroyed, and Mayor Fischer ordered the park cleared every night at 11pm.
In addition, through the generosity of the board and individual families at the church, support for a utility van has been approved and partially funded until at least the end of August. The van is being used as a legally parked “tent” at the square, with medical supplies and a cot inside. It suffers from the heat, but protects supplies and volunteers from sudden rainstorms, and really facilitates keeping supplies stocked and handy at the park and on marches. Medics have set up chairs and distribution areas in the shade nearby, with water, electrolytes, snacks, sunscreen, cold wet cloths, hand sanitizer and masks to freely give away. If you want to contribute to those supplies, see the Louisville Street Medics Facebook page for the most recent needs.

Medic Van Ministry Needs Our Help!
The van, which travels between the park and the storage room at the church, costs about $233 per week to rent. Your contribution, regardless of amount, is a concrete way to support this historical protest for racial justice.   Donation checks can be sent to First U with ‘Medic’ on the memo line.  Please email Rev. Lori with questions or to inform us of your donation. Thank you for all you’ve given, and for your contributions to the health of the people persisting in the struggle for justice and equity.

Jail Support
People are being released from jail unpredictably, usually with a dead cell phone. Some will need help contacting family or friends to get rides, others will need a ride home. Once they come out of the exit lobby doors, you can identify yourself, let them know you are with a group working under BLM leadership, and ask how you can best help them get what they need.
Please share the arrest support hotline (502-354-8454) with everyone you talk to, so they can help track and get legal help to all of those involved with the protests.
Other things to do/take: 
1. First Aid Kit
2. Lyft number / app 
3. Phone Cards
4. Masks + hand sanitizer 
5. Phone chargers for all phone types 
6. Bottled water + snacks 

The exit lobby doors are on Liberty, between 6th and 7th. There is metered parking available right outside these doors, unless it is blocked off as a staging area. Park as close as you can in that circumstance. Tape signs that say “Jail Support” on your car windows or carry them to the exit doors.

For those who are not protesters and have higher level needs, call 211 to get information for them on available resources. View the spreadsheet here


Central Louisville Community Ministries – Personal Care Items
CLCM clients continue to have needs, and CLCM continues to serve them with contactless delivery of personal care items and non-perishable food, and through email and phone for rent and utility assistance. At this time, they especially need toothpaste and shampoo. You can still drop off donations at church, between 9:30-11:30am Monday-Thursday.
Central Louisville Community Ministry will be working with clients on housing, utility needs, etc. Monday through Thursday 9:30 – 11:30.  The food and clothing pantry at Calvary will also be open the same hours
Fresh Stop Market
Contact New Roots at 502-509-6770, go to Fresh Stop, or contact Barbra Justice. Pick up every other Wednesday starting July 8. Sign up at least one week in advance for your reserved bag of good things from local farms.

Interested in Serving on our Committee on Homelessness?  
For more information, click here or contact Cassandra.

Join Devi’s Churchyard Tenders (DCT) Team!  Members pick up trash around our church; training provided.  For more details, contact Patty.

Volunteer to organize, resupply (with budgeted funds), and keep organized, storage bins for both our DCT Team and our Compassion Team.  Contact Cassandra.

Donate Kroger-type plastic bags!  Devi’s Churchyard Tenders reuse these bags for trash, so if you have too many, please share them with us!  Contact Cassandra to arrange donation.

Interfaith Coalition for Immigration Justice
The people in these groups need your help and support. Click here for more information or see Kathy Kremer.


Join Us Sunday, October 25     11:00am online

Give Me Sanctuary

Rev. Greg Drumwright

 A black minister who is also an accomplished musician, Rev. Greg Drumwright noticed that white churches often welcome him to contribute musically to their worship, but rarely agree to allow him to speak from the pulpit.
This gave rise to his ministry Black Preaching from White Spaces.  Following churches in Atlanta and Kenosha, First Unitarian is honored to be the third mostly-white congregation to welcome Rev. Greg to our pulpit.In this Sunday’s message, Rev. Greg explores the meaning of offering sanctuary and how this crosses over the lines of religious doctrine.  In a celebration of the UU mantra ‘deeds, not creeds’ he refers to Christian text to underscore that justice cannot and should not be contained by the tenets of particular faith traditions.

About Our Guest Speaker 
  Rev. Greg Drumwright

Reverend Greg Drumwright is a native of North Carolina and the creative force behind Black Preaching from White Spaces…a ministry that has led him to preach in cities in the recent national spotlight of racial injustice. 
]When not traveling the country engaged in support for and participation in protest efforts, Rev. Greg is the senior minister for The Citadel and Campus Ministries, a ministry he founded in 2003. He is also a professor of Communications at High Point University in North Carolina, and is currently the senior principal consultant of Leadership Enhancement & Academic Development. In addition to be an accomplished musician, Rev. Greg has served on the North Carolina Legislative Assembly Courts Commission. We are delighted to welcome him to our pulpit on October 25!


Joys and Sorrows: Contact the Volunteer Desk to Share
One of the important aspects of a church service is sharing our joys, concerns and sorrows with one another. We encourage you to click hereto contact the Volunteer Desk if you wish to share. Emails received by 10:00am Sunday will be included in Sunday’s service.

Upcoming Services – upper right corner of the home page

Join Us via Zoom   

        Because of the risk of “zoom-bombing” the Zoom link is not posted online. You will have to email [email protected]  to obtain the meeting link.

Need Help? The Volunteer Desk will begin monitoring at 10am on Sunday morning.  Sign in online early to make sure you’re all set up.

By Phone to Listen (312) 626-6799 or (646) 876-9923
          Enter the Meeting ID and password given to you by the volunteerdesk
         You do not need internet access to listen by phone.


Opportunities for Sharing: Donations and Pledges
First Unitarian is a resilient and vibrant community! Our important work continues through this public health emergency, even as our habits and routines are changing. You can support our community and its mission in a variety of ways.

Church Keys

We updated our access system to the lobby door with electronic key fobs and cards (similar to those used in hotels) about a year ago. The lock to the door will soon be changed, so if you only have a key and require access, please contact the office to request a fob or card. If you are not needing it now while we’re closed, you can safety wait.

For More Information
Contact the Minister
Contact the Church Office
Religious Exploration Opportunities See the First U webpage.
Contact the RE Coordinator
Contact theCare Team
Building Use Policy click here
Calls to the church office, (502) 585-5110, will be forwarded to our office manager’s email. If you leave an email address she can respond to you more quickly. Calls will be answered from church during reduced office hours.