Order of Service

Gathering MusicHallelujah
based on Psalm 150
Hillel Tigay
WelcomeBarbra Justice
Chalice LightingCassandra Culin
Moment for All AgesArt Together and ApartCassandra
Call to WorshipJill Sampson
HymnGather at the River
American Angels
Our Mission and CovenantBarbra
We are a church of reason and spirit
     that witnesses for progressive faith,
     nurtures our community
     and transforms our world.
     Love is the spirit of this church, and service is its law.
     This is our great covenant: to dwell together in peace,
     to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.
Joys and SorrowsJill
Moment of Prayer and Reflection Jill
ResponseComfort Me
Mimi Bornstein
Invitation to GenerosityBarbra
Extinguishing the Chalice (unison)     We extinguish this flame, but not the light of truth,
     The warmth of community, or the fire of commitment.
     These we carry in our hearts until we are together again. 
Closing Words Jill
Postlude   My Life Flows On in Endless Song 
 words: Doris Plenn   
Music: Robert Lowry
We thank those that worked on the service.
Speaker: Jill Sampson
Worship Associate: Cassandra Culin
Board Representative: Barbra Justice
Service Coordinator: Pam Middleton
Music: Ethan McCollum, Alice Culin-Ellison & Incantore
Worship Ministry
Tech Crew: Jim Fry, Trish Ramey, Pam Middleton

Joys and Sorrows
One of the important aspects of a church service is sharing our joys, concerns and sorrows with one another. We encourage you to click here if you wish to share.  Emails received by 10:00am Sunday will be included in Sunday’s service. 

Join Us Next Week: July 19

Arrive Alive
Trish Ramey, Speaker and SC
Remember when the coronavirus was fresh, somewhat unbelievable news, happening in spots far distant from our front door… until we all watched in horror as the deaths almost literally piled up in New York City.  And then we watched, also in horror, but also likely in disgust, as people’s reactions to the lethal virus became a political football. Trish Ramey will reflect on her reaction to the pandemic and discuss ways we can find to prepare for the work ahead, both as individuals and as a church. As UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray said in a recent Facebook post, there is no ‘going back to normal.’

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We welcome all persons to participate fully, openly, and equally, in all aspects of our congregational life, in ever-widening circles of inclusion. We respect and affirm diversity and its gifts in race, ethnicity, national origin, affectional or sexual orientation, family or relationship structure, gender identity, gender expression, sex, abilities, neurodiversity, age, socio-economic class, political views, religious belief, creed, or interpretation of religion.


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