The Justice "Broadside"

The Justice Broadside provides a compendium of area social justice events and actions of interest to First Unitarian. We are small in number, but we can add our voices to people of good will throughout the communithy to effect change.

Upcoming events: First U Lou Broadside

Thursday, May 11, Louisville Metro Council meeting:

This is a doozy of a meeting coming up!!  I'm going to editorialize more in this broadside than usual, because I'm really irritated about the opposition to Dr. Jones appointment!

5:45pm to about 7:00pm, Thursday, 11-May-2017, Louisville Metro Council Chamber, old City Hall, Sixth and Jefferson streets

Affordable Housing Trust Fund:

The Mayor's budget was a big disappointment for affordable housing advocates.  Where the very bill that established the Affordable Housing Trust Fund called for an annual $10Million budget allocation, the Mayor only called for $2.5Million in the upcoming budget.  This is after years of zero funding and last year's $2.5Million allocation.  Metro Council sets the final budget and CLOUT will continue to call for a $10M allocation.  The Metro Council meeting on May 11 will NOT have any CLOUT speakers on the agenda, as the limit of ten speakers has been reached rather rapidly for this meeting, although there will be two speaking on becoming a Sanctuary City. CLOUT will be doing its best to get speakers on the agenda for the Thursday, May 25 Metro Council agenda.  Trish Ramey and hopefully, two others are endeavoring to get on the list.

Citizens Commission on Police Accountability Board:

It is no secret that Louisville is a racially divided city.  With this come a host of issues, including drugs, alcohol, poor education, lack of jobs, lack of transportation to reach what jobs there are, etc.  I have personally heard people of color express a fear of Louisville's police.  Understand these are not people accused of crimes, rather people who feel
the police are a dangerous presence in their own community.  And when they go outside their own community, into other parts of Louisville, they have more fears of being stopped unfairly, with related fears of harsh treatment.

There are many who would argue these are either unrealistic fears, or that my even writing about such fears is an inflammatory, trouble-maker, racist statement.  Even if all these points were true, the fact would remain that a large community of US citizens lives in fear of the police force that is meant to protect them.  This is a problem which everyone should be concerned about.

Dr. Ricky Jones, head of the Pan-African department at UofL, has been submitted by the Mayor for appointment to the Citizens Commission on Police Accountability Board.  As a person of color, a recognized voice for justice in Louisville and the nation, a trained academic, a person very capable of speaking truth to power, he apparently scares some people.  Now why would that be?  And why would I, or you, care?  Is it time to transform our world a bit?

LSURJ, Stand Up Sundays, Mijente and Black Lives Matter Louisville are all urging people to attend this meeting.  On a practical note, a vote on Dr. Jones appointment is agenda item 22 on a tentative agenda of 32 items.  If you are able, staying until the actual vote on Dr. Jones appointment would be good!

Other stuff:

Saturday, 13-May-2017

Brain Injury Alliance of KY fund raising walk, Tom Sawyer Park, 8:30am registration, 10:00am walk.

Hands Across Louisville, St. Martin de Porres, Hazel and Broadway,
10am to 4pm - Local talent and groups coming together to oppose gun violence.
3:30 pm - Interdenominational Prayer service at St. Martin de Porres church ends the gathering.
2:00pm to 3:00pm - Broadway between 2nd and 3rd, hold hands on First U, TJ, and Clifton block to speak out against violence.

5:30pm/6:00pm, Monday, 15-May-2017, League of Women Voters, 115 S. Ewing Ave.  Dinner followed by program, "Housing: Fair and Affordable".

6:00pm, Wednesday, 17-May-2017, Edison Center, 701 W. Ormsby Ave.  Air Pollution Control District hearing on American Synthetic Rubber Co. for relaxed policies on leaks and monitoring.  Would you want to live near this plant?  There are homes near the plant!

Thanks for reading,
Del Ramey
First U Lou Mission and Outreach
del.ramey [at]

Ongoing programs:
The Sierra Club is looking for volunteers to work with youth outdoors, in
their "Inspiring Connections Outdoors" program.  General information at:

Contact Carol Hanchette, clhanchette [at], if interested.

Good News Luncheon, Louisville Coalition for the Homeless:

This is a lunch meeting of any groups or people concerned about the
homeless in Metro Louisville.  It occurs approximately quarterly, at
different locations.  People talk, eat and then organization
representatives briefly describe their work and individuals are asked to
identify themselves and why they are attending.

The Coalition web site is:

Know of a homeless person needing health care?  Contact Carey Addison,
Health Care for the Homeless Supervisor, Family Health Centers,

Know anyone who could use a warm blanket?  The Blanket Ministry, Fern Creek
Christian Church, has a pipeline to the government for free pressed wool
disaster blankets.  These are similar to felt, so will not last as long as
a woven blanket.  But they have lots of these free blankets.  All anyone
needs to do is contact them and pick up some blankets!!  Contact
Eric Richardson, Johnna Hale, 502-239-9300johnnahale [at]

Organizations you may not have heard of:

Burrito Riders - Prepare and distribute, usually by bike, breakfast
burritos to the homeless twice a month on Saturday mornings.  Also recycle
bicycles to donate to the homeless.

Forgotten Louisville - Food, clothing, hygiene supplies distributed to the
homeless, generally on Wednesday night, from the Yellow Parking lot on
River Road and other locations in Metro Louisville.

My Dog Eats First - Free pet food.  The homeless have pets too!  Donations
of pet food welcome at 2509 Portland Ave., Wednesdays, 6pm to 9pm.

Hip Hop Cares - Hip Hop music and food distribution combined.  Facebook