The Justice "Broadside"

The Justice Broadside provides a compendium of area social justice events and actions of interest to First Unitarian. We are small in number, but we can add our voices to people of good will throughout the communithy to effect change.

Upcoming events: First U Lou Broadside


First, just watch this clip.  Trust me!

Second, did you know that First U members are voting members of the Center
for Transformative Action at First Unitarian?  This is a 501(c) 3
non-profit organization with the goal to organize and support projects and
events with a social justice angle.  It's been dormant for the past few
years, but Brian Daly is working to re-activate it.  Contact Brian or Del
Ramey if you are interested in any way.  b.daly [at] twc.comdel.ramey [at]

3:00pm, Saturday, 4-Mar-2017, Frankfort, KY - "March 4 Democracy" rally,
between Capitol and Annex buildings.  Support public education, Affordable
Care Act, fairness, equality, First Amendment, families, etc.  This is a
"response" rally occuring after a "March 4 Trump" rally earlier in the day.

2:00pm, Sunday, 5-Mar-2017, LFPL, across York, Jessica Gordon Nembhard
lecture, Collective Courage, African American economics.  Information and
link to order free tickets at:

4:00pm to 6:30pm, Sunday, 5-Mar-2017, Fairness Campaign Pilgrimage to
Cathedral of the Assumption -  Meet up at Volunteers of America, 570
S. Fourth St., then peacefully march to Cathedral of the Assumption for a
rally encouraging Archbishop Joseph Kurtz to support LGBT rights.  Stay for
Mass as a group.

5:00pm, Sunday, 5-Mar-2017, Central Park - Don't have details on this, but
UofL's Anne Braden Institute is supporting a Rally for Justice for Trans
Women of Color in Central Park.

5:45pm to 7:00pm, Thursday, 9-Mar-2017 - Louisville Metro Council meeting.
First U is one of the congregations requested to pack the meeting with
members.  Show support for CLOUT's housing trust fund efforts!  Contact
Jane Martin Buckley, Trish Ramey or Del Ramey for details.

6:30pm, Tuesday, 28-Mar-2017 - CLOUT Nehemiah Action, Memorial Auditorium.
This is the BIG annual CLOUT event when officials and politicians meet and
speak to the assembled people that make up CLOUT.  Contact Jane Martin
Buckley, Trish Ramey or Del Ramey for details.

5:30pm to 8:00pm, Thursday, 30-Mar-2017, GHS and Rauch Planetarium -
Screening and discussion of the movie "13th", dealing with how slavery has
lived on within the US justice system and discrimination against people of

3:00pm, Sunday, 23-Apr-2017, 1140 Garvin Pl., Genscape - The folks
upstairs, CLCM, are putting on a fundraiser meet, chat, sip and nibble
event.  Tickets, $30, should be available at First U.

The Sierra Club is looking for volunteers to work with youth outdoors, in
their "Inspiring Connections Outdoors" program.  General information at:

Contact Carol Hanchette, clhanchette [at], if interested.

Good News Luncheon, Louisville Coalition for the Homeless:

This is a lunch meeting of any groups or people concerned about the
homeless in Metro Louisville.  It occurs approximately quarterly, at
different locations.  People talk, eat and then organization
representatives briefly describe their work and individuals are asked to
identify themselves and why they are attending.

The Coalition web site is:

Know of a homeless person needing health care?  Contact Carey Addison,
Health Care for the Homeless Supervisor, Family Health Centers,

Know anyone who could use a warm blanket?  The Blanket Ministry, Fern Creek
Christian Church, has a pipeline to the government for free pressed wool
disaster blankets.  These are similar to felt, so will not last as long as
a woven blanket.  But they have lots of these free blankets.  All anyone
needs to do is contact them and pick up some blankets!!  Contact
Eric Richardson, Johnna Hale, 502-239-9300johnnahale [at]

Organizations you may not have heard of:

Burrito Riders - Prepare and distribute, usually by bike, breakfast
burritos to the homeless twice a month on Saturday mornings.  Also recycle
bicycles to donate to the homeless.

Forgotten Louisville - Food, clothing, hygiene supplies distributed to the
homeless, generally on Wednesday night, from the Yellow Parking lot on
River Road and other locations in Metro Louisville.

My Dog Eats First - Free pet food.  The homeless have pets too!  Donations
of pet food welcome at 2509 Portland Ave., Wednesdays, 6pm to 9pm.

Hip Hop Cares - Hip Hop music and food distribution combined.  Facebook