Immigration Justice

Immigration Justice: Preparing for the Congregation Vote About Sanctuary for Undocumented Immigrants


Welcome, First U members and friends:

Welcome to this section of the website of First Unitarian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Church members will be asked to vote on a resolution at its 2018 annual meeting to consider offering physical sanctuary to undocumented immigrants facing detention or deportation.  

At First U’s annual meeting last year, the members present voted unanimously in support of forming an Immigration Justice Leadership Team based on the guidelines developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association.  As members of this team, we have been meeting and gathering information and personal stories of undocumented immigrants living in Louisville and how U.S. laws and regulations are affecting their daily lives. We are also learning more about the government agencies that are charged with enforcing these laws.

These pages were created to provide materials and activities our members may use as participants in a process of discernment to prepare them to vote on the resolution our team will present at this year’s annual meeting. Here we have provided links to a copy of the original resolution; a list of links to organizations and government agencies, news articles, study guides, and videos; and a calendar of church events. Links to all documents may be found at the bottom of this page. 

Our team’s goal is to create space in our church community where our congregation can reflect on these materials, offering opportunities for discussion and debate with others.

Between now and the June meeting, there will be times when each of us going through this process will be challenged by conflicting thoughts or feelings that are difficult to resolve. 

We hope these materials and opportunities for conversation will enable everyone to think carefully about what they learn, appreciate the power of listening to others, trust their own thoughts, and, through our faith as Unitarian Universalists, believe that the congregational vote will reflect our core values reflected in our UU Seven Principles.


First Unitarian Church Immigration Justice Leadership Team:

Kathy Kremer, Chair (Resources Ministry)

Jane Martin Buckley (Worship Ministry)

Barbra Justice (At-large member)

Elizabeth Fairhead (Religious Exploration Ministry)

Nancy MacPherson (Connections Ministry)

Trish Ramey (Mission and Outreach Ministry)

Jasmine Walston (At-large member)