Our Criteria for Return to Services in the Pandemic

If you click on First Unitarian COVID 19 In-Person Risk Response Matrix – Rev 11.22.2021 you will find a matrix of our plans for return to services and church activities.  We returned to the sanctuary on Nov 7 with the guidelines for the very high risk (red) level.  Please check your What’s UUp Sunday or the yellow service box to find out what risk level we will be observing for any particular Sunday.

We will be acting according to the 5 risk levels determined by the Covid Act Now working group, using the numbers for Jefferson County as our guidelines.  After we have been in a lower level of risk for a full two weeks, determined by the readings each Thursday, we will reduce the restrictions to that level on the matrix.  If at ANY point the trending reverses and moves up significantly, we will immediately tighten restrictions to the next higher level.  This could even mean returning to fully virtual if conditions look like they will become severe (dark red/maroon) again.

So, let’s all show our love for our community and ourselves by getting vaccinated and masking up.  We are looking forward to seeing each other in person again!!