Speaker: Jane Martin Buckley

Look into the Mirror

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“Do you feel beautiful?  What makes you feel beautiful?  What is the relationship between loving and feeling beautiful?  In a time when 7 out of 10 adolescent girls do not feel attractive, can we question what it … read more.


 The simple truth is that some of us believe that spirituality, art, and innocence are three treasures that matter hugely to the health of the individual and society – and because of our influence on the environment, these things matter to the entire … read more.

Our Founding Faiths

As early as 1800, in the first hotly contested presidential campaign, Federalist Party preachers from New England denounced Jefferson as an “infidel” and rallied behind Unitarian John Adams’s “God-fearing” presidency. From the outset of our experiment in government, in fact, the founders fought tooth and … read more.