Speaker: Rev. Kathy Hurt

But Is It Love?

In this Valentine month, when all the talk of love is in the air, this service considers how we love, or do not love, ourselves.  Self-love may be the most difficult kind of love to experience, yet it may also be the most necessary if … read more.

With Many a Winding Turn

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King warned us that “the arc of the universe is long.” True, it eventually bends towards justice, but how do we keep going, day after month after year, when change is so slow in coming and the arc seems not to … read more.


All spiritual traditions have much to say about money and the ways our attachment to it can compromise lives and relationships. In our own UU tradition, uneasy laughter and sighs of long-suffering tend to rise whenever the subject of money comes up, especially money within … read more.

See No Evil

As we begin a month long focus on the theme of justice, this service starts with a look at the traditional figure of justice itself, which is usually shown blindfolded. The rationale for the blindfold is that is ensures fairness, as though being able to … read more.

In the Midst of Winter

How do the traditional images of the season give us hope, especially since they often run counter to the usual ways and places we turn to for hope?

Feed Me

A service to prepare for Thanksgiving by reflecting on the many hungers we carry, and what most satisfies them.

The End of the World

It can seem that each day brings news of some deepening crisis, in our governmental operations, in the environment, in the economy, maybe also in everyday life.  With this backdrop, where do we find faith, and faith in what?

Day of the Dead

Our worship service will be a celebration of the Day of the Dead holiday, a time for treasuring memories of those we loved and have said goodbye to. You’re invited to bring an item to the service that morning which reminds you of a special … read more.