Speaker: Rev. Kathy Hurt

The End of the World

It can seem that each day brings news of some deepening crisis, in our governmental operations, in the environment, in the economy, maybe also in everyday life.  With this backdrop, where do we find faith, and faith in what?

Day of the Dead

Our worship service will be a celebration of the Day of the Dead holiday, a time for treasuring memories of those we loved and have said goodbye to. You’re invited to bring an item to the service that morning which reminds you of a special … read more.

Blessing of the Animals

This is our annual service, honoring the joy and love the creatures of the earth bring to our lives. The service includes a time when your pet may be blessed if you wish (and your pet can accompany you to the service); you may also … read more.

Empty Seats at the Table

As we make more efforts to be inclusive and to notice ways in which we may unconsciously exclude others, we often overlook the small gestures of exclusivity that are happening all around, all the time.  This service considers the surprising ways we can overlook the … read more.

Just As I Am

One area in which many struggle to find a measure of acceptance, much less beauty, is in our physical appearance. This service looks for ways to see oneself as beautiful, no matter what cultural messages say otherwise.