Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

Challenge, Blessing and Change – POTLUCK

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Please mark your calendar for November 13 when we will have a 5:00pm Potluck worship service (no morning service), in which we will gather to collectively and individually ponder issues that have to do with our November monthly topic … read more.

Caste Part 2: The Nazis and US

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On October 23 we took an introductory look at the idea that caste systems exist in places other than India, and in fact exist here in America.  On this Sunday Rev. Lori delves deeper into this concept by exploring … read more.

Samhain: Beyond the Veil

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An important holiday in the Pagan calendar is Samhain, in which we honor those who have gone before us, celebrate the end of harvest, and usher in the darker half of the year.  In this evening service, Lady Vanessa … read more.

Courage to Claim Caste

Typically when we hear the term ‘caste’ many of us first think of the rigid social structure that has existed in India for centuries; then perhaps we experience discomfort at the blatant hierarchical categorization of humanity.  On this Sunday Rev. Lori explores the concept of … read more.

Our Pets: Mutual Blessings

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Every year around this time we have our Blessing of the Animals service, and it’s here again!  In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, we have the opportunity to bring our pets to church to receive a special … read more.

A Dynamic Duo: Gratitude and Vulnerability

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A little-known global celebration is World Gratitude Day, coming up September 21st.  While we Americans are more accustomed to considering gratitude at Thanksgiving time, this celebration not only exceeds the bounds of our country, but also is an opportunity … read more.

Home and Belonging

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Our new theme of the month is Belonging, and often when we think of belonging we think of attachment to a particular group or location.  However, Mark Nepo once said, “When I live deep enough there is only one … read more.

Who’ll Stop the Rain?

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Water Communion is a beloved annual service in our faith tradition in which we have an opportunity to experience community by sharing water from our lives, originating anywhere from exotic travels to kitchen tap water…as long as it holds … read more.

Illuminations: UU General Assembly ’22

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Each year our denomination meets for a 5-day gathering that encompasses a plethora of workshops, special worship services, and lectures, designed as a mosaic to touch the heart, soul, and business of our faith.  This Sunday several First U … read more.