Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

A Father Addresses Freedom: I am a Man

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On this dual celebration of Juneteenth and Father’s Day, our church welcomes one of the fathers of black history in our state….founder of Louisville’s Roots 101 African American Museum Lamont Collins.  Mr. Collins’ sharing of historical wisdom and current-day … read more.

Vincent’s Quest for Beauty

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As one explores May’s Theme of Nurturing Beauty, it is easy to think of art as a central element of what is beautiful in the world.  Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is a preeminent artist in modern culture, despite … read more.

The Beauty of John O’Donohue

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Recently we immersed ourselves in the awakenings that poetry often brings.  On this Sunday we return to prose as we continue our exploration of the theme Nurturing Beauty.  Join Rev. Lori as she reflects on the inspiration and … read more.

The Meaning of Mothering

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The idea of motherhood conjures certain images in most of our minds…selflessness, freshly baked cookies, unconditional love.  Whether or not that is our experience as a mother’s child or as the mother of your own children, our culture has … read more.

Awakening to Easter’s Meaning

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Easter is one of the biggest holy days of the year for Christians who celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  Embracing the theological details of this celebration varies throughout UU circles, but most agree that there are inspirational messages that we can … read more.

Poetic Awakenings

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April is National Poetry Month, and in celebration of that, our April 3rd Sunday service will be a day full of poems…written by us!  All are invited to share poetry of any kind that are self-authored. With the poems, some … read more.

Our Ministries’ GEMS

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Part of the heart of our First Unitarian community is the myriad of ministries that we embrace and embody.  Our congregation would be inextricably altered without the plethora of activities that help define who we are and the meaning of … read more.