Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

Stepping into Compassion

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This holiday season many of us will receive gifts that come with step by step how-to instructions which help us navigate the sometimes challenging waters of assembly, operation, or installation of a device, tool, furnishing, etc… … read more.

Thankfulness in Thankless Times

Introduction to the service
As the holiday of Thanksgiving approaches, we again take pause to consider the wisdom in devoting one of the major holy days (holidays) in our culture to the idea of gratitude. On this Sunday Rev. Lori explores the many current things that … read more.

Sacrifice in the Name of Democracy

Our minds and hearts remain on the results of the election as we strive to find grounding during these tumultuous times.  On this Sunday Rev. Lori addresses the importance of continuing the fight for democracy, and honors the contributions of veterans in this fight.  Interwoven … read more.

Theology of Voting

The term ‘theology’ is one that at times causes Unitarian Universalists to pause, given the variance of theist beliefs among UUs.  A broad understanding of the word focuses on the study of the nature of God and/or religious belief.  Regardless of how one views the nature or … read more.

Covenant Beyond Church

One of the tenets of our Unitarian Universalist faith is an emphasis on covenants instead of creeds.  Ours is a faith of relationship and promise instead of doctrine and belief.  While often used in the context of religion, covenants as freely-made promises that guide our … read more.