Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

Flower Communion

We will adapt this annual tradition for an online presentation.  If you want to share your flowers – take a picture of YOURSELF with your flowers.  Yourself can include family members and pets – and flowers may be still in the ground or beautifully cut … read more.

Alert – whole new service this Sunday

Accountability: Theirs and Ours
In these days of intensified civil unrest and racial injustice due to continued acts of violence against black citizens, many people are calling for accountability of the perpetrating individuals. This Sunday Rev. Lori explores the issue of accountability, including coming to terms … read more.

Coming of Age 2020!

This service celebrates Lucy Hickerson, Nate Candee, and Jaymeson Dolen, our First U youth who are Coming of Age!  This Sunday we will hear primarily from Nate, Jaymeson and Lucy as they share with us their reflections about emerging into the world of adulthood.  The … read more.

Music: The Human Heartbeat

Quote:   “Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. It’s something I don’t feel like I really control.”  – Tracy Chapman

During these days of distancing we look to ways in which we can be fed, stimulated, or soothed in the confines … read more.

The Mysteries of Worth and Dignity

There has never been a time in world history when our 1st Principle has been more relevant.  In this era, daily acts of violence challenge our faith and hope that all people have worth and dignity. This has continued during the current period of pandemic … read more.

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day 50 years later: Soil and Soul.  Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

Le Who finds His Soul, So The Earth Can Be Whole.  With a tip of the hat to Dr. Suess.  Speaker: Roger Ohlman

April 22 is the day the world celebrates Earth Day.  While the … read more.

Awakenings for New Life

We apologize for the late appearance of this announcement.  We had technical problems.

On this Easter Sunday we will be celebrating spring and hope.  Please Join Us on Zoom.  Click on the “Live Stream Our Service” link at the top of the home page and follow … read more.

Is There a Market for UUism?

This Sunday we begin our exploration of salvation and wholeness. The concept of salvation is typically associated with religious beliefs but we live in a generally secular society that does not place emphasis on religious matters (or, as UU’s would say, things of the Spirit).  … read more.