Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

Blessing of the Animals

In one of our favorite services of the year we bring our pets to our sanctuary to be blessed.  Dogs and cats on leashes, birds in their cages, lizards, snakes and frogs, hamsters, pigs – we welcome them all.  If your pet just can’t be … read more.

The Vocation of Jonathan Livingston Seagull

As we continue to explore the theme of vocation, this Sunday we will consider the vocational evolution of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a literary character brought to life by author Richard Back. Jonathan’s struggle with internal conflict and external pressure led him on a journey of … read more.

A conversation with Rev. Lori

Let’s get to know our new minister. Barb Kaminer will have questions from the congregation to ask Rev. Lori in an informal conversational style interview. Reception following the service sponsored by the Board of Trustees.

River of Life

Many waters from smaller streams merge into larger bodies that exhibit power and movement. For our annual Water Communion Service we will explore the dynamics of river waters and how they reflect our First U community.
Our custom is to merge the waters that … read more.

The Road to Here, Part II

Last week we were introduced to Rev. Lori through tales of her past that paved the road to her ministerial candidacy at First U in Louisville. This week’s message focuses on the ‘here’ part of her road to here…what impressions drew her to us and our city. We … read more.

The Road to Here, Part I

Each of us have experiences through the years that comprise the chapters of our lives which ultimately make up our story. As a way of introduction to First U, Rev. Lori will share with us glimpses from her history…stones that created the road on which … read more.