What's UUp on Sunday, August 20?

Celebration of Life 11:00am

“Theology of the Beyhive”
Speaker: Christe Lunsford

Religious Exploration  Sundays 9:45-10:45
New Classes Begin August 20
Adult Fall RE
Cakes for the Queen of Heaven This curriculum in feminist theology introduces the pre-patriarchal Goddesses of prehistoric and early historic times, their early power, and their ultimate loss of power as patriarchy became the established social structure in Volume One.  Volume Two explores female images and voices in Judaism and Christianity, as well as the oppression of women in patriarchal religions.  Last, present forms of feminist spirituality and hopes for the future will be considered.  Due to the reading requirements for this class, enrollment is required.  Weekly, Room 101-Parlor.

Faith Like a River: Themes from Unitarian Universalist History This UU Tapestry of Faith curriculum guides participants to explore the dynamic course of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist history--the people, ideas, and movements that have shaped our faith heritage.  Themes include freedom of belief, prophets and social justice, diverse community, institutionalism, and Unitarian Universalist identity.  Weekly, Room 103-Library.

Unconditional Parenting A discussion group for those who are currently parenting, have done so in the past, or aspire to.  Check out the ten principles of unconditional parenting here:  http://naturalparentsnetwork.com/principles-unconditional-parenting/  First and Third Sundays, Room 203.

Yoga Bring a mat if you have one.  Fourth Sundays, Room 205.

Drum Circle Bring a drum if you have one, some instruments provided.  Fourth Sundays, Courtyard, weather permitting, or Social Hall.

Coffee and Social Justice  This participant-led group discussion of social justice topics focuses on how our UU values lead us to respond to the world. Weekly, Social Hall.

Children’s Fall RE
Nursery (Sprouts)
 Nursery care is available during the RE hour (9:30-11:00) for children infants to Preschoolers in Room 214 every Sunday.  Nursery care continues during the service as well, though all children are welcome in the service. Infants and toddlers in the nursery will be engaged with an age-appropriate chalice-lighting, story, activity and snack each week, as well as ample time for play.  Elena Meeks and NaQueesha Puckett, Leaders.  Room 214.

Preschool - 1st Grade (Explorers) Treasure Hunting-Take 2 Each Sunday, we hunt for a treasure to add to our take-home treasure boxes and our classroom treasure chest.  Through games, crafts, songs, and stories, we explore the meaning behind a Unitarian Universalist principle or value. Themes will focus on treasuring our own and others' thoughts and feelings. Room 212.

2nd - 4th Grade (Seekers) Spirit of Adventure recognizes that there are many ways of learning, and that engaged, active learning about our UU faith is essential at this age.  Our Principles and Sources as well as the lives of those who have exemplified our UU values are taught using activities that offer physical movement, challenge, and adventure.  The themes for the year include sports, medicine, food, winter holidays, science, building, exploring, and the web of life.  Examples of activities include building a cantilevered architecture using graham crackers, interviewing a sports coach, sampling unusual foods, learning first aid, and dissecting an old computer. Room 207.

5th - 8th Grade (Questers)  Lodestone The Middle School years are a time of intense change for parent(s) and for kids.  Lodestone provides a peer group so that as middle-schoolers separate from the family in their teen years, they will have a place of values, friendship, open-mindedness and spiritual exploration to call their own.  The themes covered include UU identity, money, race, and death.  The sessions begin conversations that are continued in once-monthly Family Conversations and Social Gatherings on a Sunday afternoon.  The curriculum celebrates our multiple intelligences with hands-on activities that include movement/time outdoors, silence/mindfulness, service, and silliness. Room 202.

Senior High: Individual Apprenticeships Senior high students will work with the Director of RE to find meaningful and fun involvement in the life of the church.  Opportunities might include assisting in a classroom, learning a skill such as working tech deck, or working directly with the DRE.

All Ages One Room Schoolhouse on Monthly Ministry Themes-2nd Sundays, Rm. 205


RE Registration Electronic registration forms are available at our website at firstulou.org and on computers in the upstairs lobby Sunday as is our SignUpGenious page for volunteering.  Please register any children or youth that will participate in any of our programming so that we can have reliable contact and safety information for each child.  Caregivers are asked to volunteer at least four hours per semester to ensure our RE co-op has the support it needs.  Thank you!

CLCM Walk in Central Park The 3rd annual Walk in Central Park, to benefit CLCM, (Central Louisville Community Ministries) is Saturday Sept 16, at 9 am in beautiful Central Park. Registration is available after the service on Sunday - $15. Family rate is $25. Contact Kathy (kgapsis [at] gmail.com), or Lois (loisjeanallen [at] gmail.com) for more details.

Back to School Shopping?  Please add an extra pack or two of markers, glue sticks, colored pencils, water colors, disinfecting wipes and tissues to your list for RE. Thanks for supporting our programming.

Calendar Events

9:45   Religious Exploration
11:00 Celebration of Life