What's UUp on Sunday, April 23, 2017?

Celebration of Life 11:00 am

Everyday Mindfulness

Speaker:  Diane Melvin

What support can the spiritual practice of mindfulness offer us to  live more authentic and meaningful lives? By learning to pay attention, non-judgmentally, in each moment, we can learn to live into every aspect of our lives with more integrity, kindness, wisdom and open-heartedness. Join us as we explore together the vast potential for transformation found in this simple yet difficult approach to daily life.

Diane Melvin has served as the director of religious education at the People's Church in Kalamazoo Michigan for the past 15 years. She holds a master's degree in environmental studies and is a credentialed religious educator through the UUA.

Religious Exploration: Sundays 9:45-10:45
Nursery Infants and toddlers will be engaged with an age-appropriate chalice-lighting, story, activity, snack & play time each week. Room 214
Children P-12 For a description of classes, go to http://firstulou.org/cre
Adult Classes For a complete description of all classes, go to http://firstulou.org/lre
 Classes Meeting April 23:
 The Garden, in the Youth Room, in room 203
 Coffee and Social Justice, in the Social Hall


CLCM Hold On To Your Hats! Sunday April 23, from 3-6pm. You are invited to enjoy music by Robbie Bartlett, wine, appetizers, desserts by Gumby's Catering and a Silent Auction to support the mission of Central Louisville Community Ministries. It's a fun afternoon with friends, and benefits a great cause. CLCM assists low-income residents with emergency rent assistance, emergency utility assistance, a food pantry, a clothes closet, and more. We depend on the generosity of our 8 downtown church members to fulfill our mission. You can buy tickets at the door. Genscape 1140 Garvin Place, 40203. Contact Kathy Gapsis at kgapsis [at] gmail.com.

Chalice Lighter Training is a way for children in the congregation to get to know the ministry staff, to begin to participate in worship, and to learn our UU Principles. It is offered each spring to children in 3rd grade and up.  Children get a workbook and are asked to go through it with their parents/guardians. They will meet three times in the sanctuary for 30 minutes: April 30, May 14, and June 4. Those who complete the program will be commissioned as new Chalice Lighters in the service on June 4, when they will light the chalice. Please let Linette know if your child would like to participate before April 23 at dre [at] firstulou.org.

CLCM Personal Care Pantry The CLCM personal care pantry is running low on all items, but especially shampoo and toilet paper. Please bring in any donations this Sunday and place them in the hamper by the entrance to the kitchen/social hall.

A Plea From the Friendly Stewardship Committee We are coming close to the end of our Stewardship Pledge season and would like to have all pledge cards done by April 30th.  Pledge cards can be mailed in or placed in the Pledge box on the usher's table.  You can also pledge online by going to our website (firstulou.org) and hitting the green pledge button.  To date we only have received pledges from 45 of our potential 130 members.  Thanks for your generosity! Devi, Chair of Stewardship Committee

Annual Service Auction Bring in your donations now! The Service Auction is coming up Sunday, April 30. - To make a donation – Email Tiffany Taylor at tiffany.taylor [at] twc.com or call 812-987-7965, or fill out a donation form. Donations must be received by 5:00pm Friday, April 28. What to donate? – Ask your favorite restaurant or other business to give a gift certificate! Make a meal, or offer a personal or professional service. Ask Tiffany or Doug Taylor for some ideas. We also have last year’s list for inspiration. Where do I put donated items? Place donated items in the old nursery. See Linette Lowe for a key or the office volunteer during the week. 

Calendar Events

9:45   Religious Exploration
11:00 Celebration of Life
4:00   Trans Children/Youth Family Gathering