Children and youth are encouraged to participate fully in the Celebration of Life worship service. Everyone age Preschool and older will begin the service in the sanctuary at 11 a.m.

For Preschool through children up to eight years old, an opportunity will be provided two times a month for them to move to the Children’s Celebration midway through the service. In Children’s Celebration, various hands-on and large muscle movement activities will be offered. Children will enjoy interaction with more children in a broader age range than their Religious Exploration classes.

The children will return to the service before the benediction to the service.

Other weeks, or any time during the service, if a caretaker feels their child needs a break, the parent is welcome to go to the library aka “the fidget room”. Activities are available there appropriate for younger children to engage in quiet play. Service audio is piped into the room so caretakers won’t miss hearing what is happening in the sanctuary.