The 8th Principle: An American Dream

As if over 400 years of evidence wasn’t enough, this past year has been a marker for the need for continued awakening regarding racial justice.  The need is in virtually every aspect of our culture, including religion, and more specifically, including Unitarian Universalism (for example, … read more.

The 8th Principle: a Community Dialog

Several Sundays ago First U joined the Lexington UU congregation for a service centered around the 8th Principle, and last Sunday we continued our focus on this proposed new Principle in our own worship service.  As we further extend our exploration, each of us will have … read more.

Women leading the Revolution

Our annual “International Women’s Day” service sponsored by the Women’s Alliance will feature local activist Rev. Stachelle Bussey, founder of the Hope Buss.  Stay tuned for more information.


The theme for this month is “Forgiveness” – so our creative Rev. Lori will tackle it from the perspective of “Vengeance”.

New Life

Rev. Lori will be talking about hopeful beginnings for this Easter service.


Phil Lloyd-Sidle was the minister at James Lee Memorial Presbyterian Church from 2001 to 2014, and director of the Center for Women and Families from 2013 to 2018.  Retired since January of 2018, Phil has been very active for the past few years in the … read more.


The monthly theme from our UUA is “the divine god” — an unusual theme for our congregation with a high percentage of agnostics and atheists with a scattering of buddhists and pagans.  Rev. Lori will be addressing the theme in sermons entitled “The Mystique (?mistake?) … read more.