Vincent’s Quest for Beauty

As one explores May’s Theme of Nurturing Beauty, it is easy to think of art as a central element of what is beautiful in the world.  Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is a preeminent artist in modern culture, despite the inability to sell his work … read more.

Look into the Mirror

“Do you feel beautiful?  What makes you feel beautiful?  What is the relationship between loving and feeling beautiful?  In a time when 7 out of 10 adolescent girls do not feel attractive, can we question what it is about our culture that objectifies?  … read more.

The Blessings of Mary Oliver’s Instructions

Getting through the last few years hasn’t been an easy task. Our Speaker this Sunday, Mark Steiner, got help by making this 4 line Mary Oliver poem his motto. “Instructions for Living a Life. Pay Attention. Be Astonished.  Tell About It.”  During this service we’ll … read more.