Changing Faces – Common Walls

Kyle Ellison looks at the challenges and heartbreaks of our Kentucky prison system, drawing on 16 years as a parole office and prison staff trainer. A photo exhibit to accompany the service will be mounted in the Social Hall.

But Is It Love?

In this Valentine month, when all the talk of love is in the air, this service considers how we love, or do not love, ourselves.  Self-love may be the most difficult kind of love to experience, yet it may also be the most necessary if … read more.

Every street in our city is the Road to Jericho

Guest speaker: Fourth District Metro Council Member Barbara Sexton Smith.

The Fourth District includes serving the people of the Central Business District as well as the Russell, Butchertown Neighborhoods, Smoketown, Shelby Park, Phoenix Hill, and parts of Portland, Meriweather, Irish Hill, Germantown and Paristown Point.

Smith … read more.