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We will celebrate Lammas, “loaf mass”, (also referred to as Lughnasadh [lew-ness-ah]) in circle format as we honor the August 1st holiday, albeit 3 days late.  This festival marks the bounty of the grain harvest, which may also manifest as the successes in our own … read more.

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  • MEMO from MAM – June 18, 2024
    A Message from Reverend Mary Ann Macklin JOIN US FOR WORSHIP NEXT SUNDAY JUNE 23 I am currently on Study Leave for the next  weeks.   However, I hope many of you will join us for our worship here in our sanctuary Sunday, June 23.  We will join other UUs in viewing a communal video from this year’s ...
  • MEMO From MAM – June 11, 2024
    1. KNOW YOUR HERITAGE50th Anniversary at FirstULou (keep reading) “Down the Aisle”Yes, it seems like we have a lot of Anniversaries to honor nowadays.  The Baby Boomers are reaching an era when looking back is part of being present and moving forward. For those who may not be Baby Boomers, you may wonder, “What does this ...
  • Memo from MAM – June 4, 2024
    1.We explored the realm of grief during our D&D Class (Death and Dying not Dungeons and Dragons) on Saturday.  One of our participants shared the beloved book by Judith Viorst “The Tenth Good Thing About Barney”.    If you have someone who has lost a pet to death, it is a sweet gift to offer them, ...


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