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Fear of the Unknown in Beloved Community – Songs and Stories

“Meeting the unknown with help of friends”.  Carl Rust will sing songs, including Ominous Buses and Busy Little Towns, and tell stories about how the songs came to be, and how they reflect and process events big and small.


Carl is a trustee of his UU … read more.

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  • 30 Days Of Love: Ashley Horan
    In their recently-released draft of the new Article II of our UUA bylaws, the Article II Commission writes, “The purpose of the Unitarian Universalist Association is to actively engage its members in the transformation of the world through liberating Love.” I’ve heard many folks ask, “What do we mean by ‘liberating Love?’” The A2C writes: Love ...
  • REFLECTION: Rachel Myslivy
    Resilience: Climate Justice “Stress has deformed and compressed our planet’s glorious body but what if size and shape can be recovered, nourished into a new flourishing.” Leah Ongiri, from “A Blessing for Resilience” The climate crisis isn’t happening in a vacuum. With attacks on Black lives, trans kids, and reproductive justice all in the face of increasing fascism and white ...
  • REFLECTION: Nicole Pressley
    Cornell West famously reminds us that justice is what love looks like in public. As Unitarian Universalists, our work for justice is an expression of deep belief that all people are worthy of love and liberation. Today, that work often looks like resisting the criminalization of people’s identities, their bodies, and their communities. In recent years, ...


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