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Young Adult Stories of Intentional Living

Our lives are full of stories, stories of joy and pain and fun and regret. How often do we pause and think about our life stories through a lens of intentionality? Do we stop and recall the times that things shifted for us, that something … read more.

What’s UUp @ First U

  • Sharing the generosity of Sanctuary
    Thanks to the generosity of many strangers and friends who supported the Justice movement and First Unitarian Church of Louisville during the protests, First Unitarian is awarding grants to build a diverse multicultural community that accountability dismantles racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions. This round for accepting applications is now closed. Check back ...
  • Our Criteria for Return to Services in the Pandemic
    If you click on First Unitarian COVID 19 In-Person Risk Response Matrix – Rev 11.22.2021 you will find a matrix of our plans for return to services and church activities. This week’s Covid status: The current risk level in Jefferson County has reached Severe.  The Healthcare Team at First U has decided to allow limited in-person meetings as well ...
  • Love Note: One Year Later: A Look Back at Sanctuary
    September 23, 2020. In a year besieged by a virus, Louisville was also embattled in the fight for justice.  The city, joined by the rest of the world, was united with Breonna Taylor’s family in anticipation of the long-awaited outcome of the Attorney General’s investigation into Breonna’s LMPD-shooting death. For months, protesters gathered in Breonna Square, looking for a legal outcome ...


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