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Exploring Transformation

March is a month which invites new beginnings; our congregational theme for the month is Transformation.

What’s UUp @ First U

  • Memo from MAM – Feb 27
    A Message from Reverend Mary Ann Macklin February 27, 2024 On Sunday, I mentioned several definitions of the word Bible which has the following etymology: Middle English: via Old French from ecclesiastical Latin biblia, from Greek (ta) biblia ‘(the) books’, from biblion ‘book’, originally a diminutive of biblos ‘papyrus, scroll’ The Word Bible has several definitions including:           1. any authoritative bookexample:Dave ...
  • Memo from MAM – Feb 13
    Yes, I am one of those ministers who still enjoys attending church when I am not in the pulpit. I so enjoyed last Sunday’s service—learning about this congregation’s history from Jenny Lavery, savoring the voices of the choir that filled the sanctuary in tonal textures, breathing in and breathing out, listening to the inviting words ...
  • Memo from MAM – Feb 6
    February 6, 2024 Here are the two books suggested by Quiana Denae Perkins, of the MidAmerica UU Region, in her recent article, Black History Month and  Dismantling White Supremacy which I quoted in my sermon Sunday.  It read in part:  “We can lean into the teachings of Tricia Hersey’s book Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto to learn more about the role ...


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