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Cultivating Our Center

Can we postmoderns still “find our center”? Or is a stable, “essential” center more illusory than real? In the shadow of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Heather Thiessen will suggest that we need to ask ourselves a different question: Will we commit to cultivating a … read more.

What’s UUp @ First U

  • REFLECTION: Ranwa Hammamy
    “Grounding ourselves into a deep gratitude for the miracle of our bodies – however they look, move, and interact with the world around us – includes not only a celebration of our individual physical beings, but also a deep reverence for the intimacy of our connections.  After all, our bodies do not exist in a ...
  • REFLECTION: Rev. Ashley Horan
    “If interdependence is the inescapable reality of our relationships to one another and to the earth, then true democracy is both a spiritual and political practice of honoring that interconnectedness. The natural, faithful response to the blessing of being endowed with both freedom and dignity is for each of us to find our people in ...
  • Love Note: LGBTQ+ Tragedy on Trans Remembrance Day
    Dear Ones- Yesterday at our worship service, as we celebrated Trans Day of Remembrance, we commemorated the trans members of our communities whose lives were violently taken this past year. Little could we have known that more innocent lives of our LGBTQ+ community were being senselessly taken at a nightclub in Colorado Springs that very day. In ...


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