Month: April 2020

Love Note: Standing Deer

Hello Loved Ones-

Today’s poem by Jane Hirshfield calls to my mind the ebbing and flowing of life’s seasons – our age and abilities, our passions and proclivities. This current period of isolation can be considered an ebb (or flow, depending on your angle) and thus for some … read more.

Love Note: Home Sweet Home

Hello First U Family-

Today’s message comes to us compliments of Rev. Linda Barnes, minister of Starr King UU Fellowship of Plymouth, NH.  Here she offers thoughtful and relevant blessings to those experiencing the challenges of being homebound in various capacities.

When we are knee-deep in the … read more.

Love Note:  A Blessing for Equilibrium

Hello Dear Ones,

The image you see in today’s message attracted me because I suspect that it depicts the inner experience that some of us are having during these days of isolation.   There is beauty, strength and some light, and there is also an element of … read more.

Love Note: Internal Earthiness

Hello Dear First Unitarians!

We had quite a celebration of Bill Latta’s birthday yesterday, with a zoom call and a socially distanced but warmly received celebration at Treyton Oak Towers, where a photo album from the congregation and other gifts were given to Bill.  I hope … read more.

Love Note:The Wonder of Water

Hello Loved Ones:

As Earth Day nears, my thoughts continue to move toward the natural world.  One of the most fundamental elements of nature is water.

We have been instructed to use water frequently these days, specifically as it concerns keeping our hands sanitized.  Although I have never … read more.

Love Note:  Bearing Perfect Love

Hello Dear Ones-

On this beautiful spring day my thoughts continually turn toward our upcoming celebration of Earth Day (this Wednesday April 22nd).  One of the things I love about this holiday is that it encompasses so many facets of our Mother Earth.

In the poem below, … read more.

Art from our congregants

Each chair supportive of each soul.

Melody of voices to its keyed note.

Architecture shines of a reverend’s joy.

Each sun ray windowed is its Chalice.

Photography and poem by Darnell (James Bethea)