Month: June 2020

Love Note: Calling


Hello Dear First U,

I hope this email finds you well.  I miss seeing you.

Today’s poem is by English poet John Fuller.  I’m drawn to it because of his message of calling.

Because of the continued pandemic or the strife due to civil unrest, perhaps some of … read more.

Rev. Lori’s Summer Schedule

The following dates reflect Rev. Lori’s upcoming vacation and study leave time. Congregational leadership will contact Rev. Lori if a situation arises that requires her attention during her time away.

The Wednesday Reflections ministry has concluded.  Look for occasional Love Notes from Rev. Lori throughout the … read more.

Love Note: How Can We Win

Dear Ones-

The video I offer to you today contains the powerful words of author Kimberly Jones.  In my opinion, the only way this racial revolution will be successful is through voices such as hers and ears such as ours.  Her clarity of message and strength … read more.

Love Note: Wake Up, Day Calls

Hello Dear First U-

Today’s poem comes to us from famed Spanish poet Pedro Salinas.   If we weren’t in the midst of a civil uprising for racial justice, I would take in these words and nod my agreement without much ado.  The overarching message seems to … read more.

Love Note: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Dear Loved Ones-

Referenced in Sunday’s Celebration of Life service was the phrase “The revolution will not be televised,” which was a 1970 song by Gil Scott-Heron.  The song’s title become an often-used catchphrase  among the U.S. Black Power movement in the 60’s, with lyrics referencing TV shows, ad slogans, … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday, June 14

Reminder: Send in your flower pictures by Saturday, June 13.This Sunday, we will be having our traditional Flower Communion but we’re having to do so in non-traditional ways. Weather permitting, the service will be held in our beautiful courtyard.  We want to see YOU as … read more.

Love Note: Black Privilege

Hello Dear First U-

Many people are asking about how to engage in activities that would contribute to the BLM efforts to end racial injustice.  To meaningfully contribute and be allied in these efforts we are called first to develop an understanding of the experience of … read more.