Month: November 2020

Love Note: Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Ones-

On this Thanksgiving weekend I am struck by the abundance for which we have to be grateful.

Today my thoughts are on you and how, together, we are moving through one of the most challenging periods in memory – and doing so with grace.
(It’s … read more.

Love Note: Forever Oneness

Dear Ones-

We have talked a lot lately about separation, divisions, and silos.  I am inspired by the author naming Holiness as Forever Oneness.  Bee Lake, an Aboriginal poet, reminds us of the sacredness of Oneness, and how we learn through each other when immersed in it.  … read more.

Love Note: Hope Extends

Hello First U!

When I read this poem by Phillip Booth the words ‘Ours is no caravan of despair.’ come to mind (reference our UU hymn “Come, Come, Whoever You Are” words from a poem by Rumi).

The Love Note message of hope from Election Day a … read more.

Love Note: Hope on Election Day

Hello Dear Ones-

Election day is finally here!  Our hearts are hopeful, with anticipation and perhaps some interwoven anxiety as well.  I am choosing to look at the results of this election as an opportunity for new beginnings.

This poem by Lisel Mueller beautifully illustrates what hope looks … read more.