Just as we nurture seedlings with water and compost, so does our church community need loving care in order to live out our mission. Your promise to provide financial support is needed to grow and sustain our church community.

CLICK HERE to download your pledge form: editable  or non-editable and be sure to talk with your canvasser when they reach out!

First U has a legacy of justice-loving work, and that legacy continues today. We’re actively involved in CLOUT, Central Louisville Community Ministries, immigration justice, women’s rights, environmental justice, racial justice, affirmation and welcome of the LGBTQ+ community, and wage justice for our staff. Your pledge has the power to grow our garden of justice. Your pledge provides the essential energy.

In this spring season of new life, please consider making a strong promise to financially support First U. If you’ve never pledged before, you’ll be amazed at the sense of connection you’ll feel to our UU values and mission. If you pledged last year, we thank you and ask you to consider a stretch and to increase your pledge if possible.

Not sure how much to give?

Check out this pamphlet and have questions ready for your canvasser! Adapted Fair-Share Contribution Guide 2021
Plus, check out how you fit in the Current Pledging distribution: