Author: Vice President

Interim Minister: Mary Ann Macklin

The Interim Search Team is pleased to announce that First Unitarian has hired Reverend Mary Ann Macklin to be our interim minister, beginning August 1, 2023. We’ll be doing all the formal introductions and welcomes later this summer, but for now, here is a short … read more.

30 Days Of Love: Ashley Horan

In their recently-released draft of the new Article II of our UUA bylaws, the Article II Commission writes, “The purpose of the Unitarian Universalist Association is to actively engage its members in the transformation of the world through liberating Love.” I’ve heard many folks ask, … read more.

REFLECTION: Nicole Pressley

Cornell West famously reminds us that justice is what love looks like in public. As Unitarian Universalists, our work for justice is an expression of deep belief that all people are worthy of love and liberation. Today, that work often looks like resisting the … read more.

REFLECTION: Ranwa Hammamy

“Grounding ourselves into a deep gratitude for the miracle of our bodies – however they look, move, and interact with the world around us – includes not only a celebration of our individual physical beings, but also a deep reverence for the intimacy of … read more.

REFLECTION: Rev. Ashley Horan

“If interdependence is the inescapable reality of our relationships to one another and to the earth, then true democracy is both a spiritual and political practice of honoring that interconnectedness. The natural, faithful response to the blessing of being endowed with both freedom and … read more.