Board Creates Committee on Homelessness

On July 20, the First U Board of Trustees approved an amendment to the church by-laws creating a standing Committee on Homelessness.  The Committee is charged with developing and implementing a plan to engage with community-wide efforts to address homelessness on our doorstep, in our neighborhood, and in our community. This will include considering the proposal submitted to the Board in May by the Homelessness Task Force created by the Board last fall.

To learn more about the committee’s plans, we invite you to read “Homelessness on our Doorstep”, the proposal of the Task Force, here.
Interested in addressing issues of homelessness?

Contact: Cassandra Culin, Chair, Committee on Homelessness. You can obtain her contact info from the church office ([email protected]).

Watch for news from your Committee on Homelessness in First U Midweek