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Love Note: Celebrating Freedom

Dear Ones,

This poem by our own Patti Lister are what accountably addressing systemic oppression looks like… acknowledging our nation’s past history and present.

The message here is not meant to be a killjoy, nor to trivialize the history of a nation which has done, and continues to do, … read more.

Love Note: Wednesdays Blesssings for Me

Dear Ones-
Again today we are fortunate to receive the blessings that others in our midst have bestowed upon themselves (and in their willingness to share, have bestowed upon us as well).  As with the preceding days this week, our listing today contains beauty and … read more.

Love Note: Tuesdays Blessings for Me

Dear First U-
Here is our second sending of blessings-to-self. Once again we have the opportunity to gain insights into our fellow community members (and maybe ourselves as well) by learning about their inner aspirations.

Glints of light in today’s blessings include:

unapologetically be your beautiful self
contentment … read more.

Love Note: Monday’s Blessings for Me

Dear Ones-
In case you were not able to attend yesterday’s service, we did an exercise in which we wrote blessings to ourselves, bestowing graceful invitations toward our own aspired ways of being.

I promised that I would share these self-blessings with you this coming week, … read more.

Love Note: Our Own Canvases

Dear Ones,
In response to our worship service this past Sunday, Kathie Johnson sent me some of her poems that address the issue that we explored at that service….mental health challenges. There was one that particularly sparked my attention because it seemed at first glance … read more.

Love Note: A Postlude to Mother’s Day

Dear ones,
During our Mother’s Day Celebration of Life we explored various elements of the meaning of mothering.  In a poem written by our own Kathie Johnson entitled File Me we have additional perspective, not only of motherhood, but of the complex spectrum of womanhood.


If you were to file … read more.

Sharing the generosity of Sanctuary

Thanks to the generosity of many strangers and friends who supported the Justice movement and First Unitarian Church of Louisville during the protests, First Unitarian is awarding grants to build a diverse multicultural community that accountably dismantles racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our … read more.

Love Note: One Year Later: A Look Back at Sanctuary

September 23, 2020.
In a year besieged by a virus, Louisville was also embattled in the fight for justice.  The city, joined by the rest of the world, was united with Breonna Taylor’s family in anticipation of the long-awaited outcome of the Attorney General’s investigation into Breonna’s … read more.