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Love Note: Table of Life

Greetings, Dear Ones!

This morning in the Courier Journal there is an article about various locations in Louisville that were suffrage movement sites. Our First U church is one of them, and below you will see the beautiful picture and accompanying script that appears … read more.

Richard Beal memorial service

Please click on the title, then click the blue letters for a LINK to a recording of the service.

It is with sadness that we tell of you Rev. Richard Beal’s death July 7.  He served this congregation as minister for 15 years from 1986-2001. In addition, Richard … read more.

Love Note: Begin

Dear Ones-

Rumi brightens this rainy springtime day with a lovely poem.  I imagine if I were in the woods now it would look and feel much like the depiction in this beautiful photo.  Although I will likely not be in a wooded area today, when I … read more.

Love Note: Being Found on Earth Day

Hello Dear Ones-

Happy Earth Day!  In honor of this special day I am sharing with you the writings of poets David Wagoner and Gregory Orr.   In the poem Lost Wagoner beckons us to still our busy selves in order to be in the sacred space of the present … read more.


GOT METAL?You can help Solar Array help First U!
(and clear out stuff in your way!)

Drop off cans and scrap metal at the Solar Array Project collection can in the courtyard behind the wooden fence. Your scrap metal will help First U cut its … read more.

Love Note: A Psalm for Martin Luther King Day

Dear First U,

As we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today, many people are holding their breath, concerned about the possibility of continued right-wing violence.  Security measures are ramped up in Washington D.C., as well as in state capitols across the land.  There is even … read more.

Love Note: The Dance

Dear Ones,

Two things come to mind when I read this poem by C.K. Williams.

One is about ourselves.  During this time of the year when many of us are laboring to change some part of ourselves (usually our physical selves because we’re not on par with … read more.

Church Activity Planning

From the Connections Ministry

Are you tired of not having an active social life? Are you ready to meet and greet old and new members of our church community? Now is the time to get started!

Our first Zoom story hour is scheduled for Friday, January 22 from 6:30-8:00 … read more.