The mission of the Women’s Alliance of First Unitarian Church
is to advocate for women,
children and families.

We do this by

  • creating a climate for members that promotes self-care,
  • nurturing supportive and meaningful relationships among its members,
  • and by supporting each member’s pursuit to living a balanced life.

The WA periodically donates funds to local, national and global organizations focusing on women’s issues: Hope Buss, Center for Women and Families, UP for Women and Children among others.

Annual activities hosted by The WA often include:  Holiday Pie or Cookie Sales, Soup for the Soul, Easter Brunch and Women’s Retreats.

A Brief History of Women’s Alliance

Women have been an integral part of First Unitarian Church since the church’s founding

1830: First Unitarian Church founded
1839: Rev. James Freeman Clarke says the church’s activities include the work of “earnest, willing women”.
1861-65: women’s group make large quantities of bandages for Civil War wounded
1866: led by Margaret Heywood, women of the church help begin the Widows and Orphans Home, with financial assistance of the Dickens Club
1880s: the Ladies Sewing Society becomes the Junior Alliance
1895: Church women welcome Susan B Anthony and Carrie Chapman Catt to speak in
church about gender equity and political action.
1896: the Women’s Branch Alliance becomes the new entity, with a continued focus on
charitable works
Late 1800’s: church women relieve church debt (both from a fire and from the financial crash of the 1870s) by holding various sales, dinners, and stage productions

Early 1900s:
First U women active in gaining women’s right to vote
First U women make large quantities of bandages for WWI wounded
1950-70: First U women active in civil rights movements
1960’s: First U women active in anti-war efforts
1980s-90s: more women enter work force, attendance dwindles in the Alliance

Early 2000s:
renewed interest, becomes an Associate Group of the church with 20 members
2009: Women’s Alliance by-laws are created
2015: WA begins weekly Black Lives Matter vigils in front of the church for all church members, and spearheads a drive to raise a Black Lives Matter banner on the church building
2020: begins monthly electronic newsletter to maintain member contact during the Covid19 Pandemic