As a downtown church, we have to deal with homelessness regularly. We are fortunate to have Central Louisville Community Ministry operating in our building. They provide rental assistance and help paying utilities to try to keep families in their homes.

We also have chronically homeless people coming to our building and grounds on a regular basis. We endeavor to be as compassionate as possible while also being cognizant of the sacredness of our site as the Memorial Garden for the cremains of many former members.

In light of these conflicting and complex issues, a taskforce was formed to investigate how our church would deal with this.  Go to this document to read the report that was presented to the Board of Trustees.

Following the submission of the report, the Board approved an amendment to the church by-laws creating a standing Committee on Homelessness.  The Committee is charged with developing and implementing a plan to engage with community-wide efforts to address homelessness on our doorstep, in our neighborhood, and in our community.