Love Note: Forever Oneness

Dear Ones-

We have talked a lot lately about separation, divisions, and silos.  I am inspired by the author naming Holiness as Forever Oneness.  Bee Lake, an Aboriginal poet, reminds us of the sacredness of Oneness, and how we learn through each other when immersed in it.  This prayerful poem also asks that we be helped to “… always speak from behind my eyes.”   I’ve never thought of communicating with others in those terms, but as soon as I read the words, the message was clear.

Now it is up to me to incorporate it into the manner in which I interact with others and how I generally move in the world.

May it be so for me, and for you as well.

Sending you peace and love,

Forever Oneness,
who sings to us in silence,
who teaches us through each other.
Guide my steps with strength and wisdom.
May I see the lessons as I walk,
honor the Purpose of all things.
Help me touch with respect,
always speak from behind my eyes.
Let me observe, not judge.
May I cause no harm,
and leave music and beauty after my visit.
When I return to forever
may the circle be closed
and the spiral be broader.