Love Note: Home Sweet Home

Hello First U Family-

Today’s message comes to us compliments of Rev. Linda Barnes, minister of Starr King UU Fellowship of Plymouth, NH.  Here she offers thoughtful and relevant blessings to those experiencing the challenges of being homebound in various capacities.

When we are knee-deep in the challenges rife with life in lockdown, we don’t readily think about the gift inherent in these limiting circumstances.  However, she rightly identifies the activity (inactivity?) of staying home as a gift.  As we prepare to hear more about our 1st Principle this coming Sunday, the wisdom in her observation more easily comes into focus…all people are worthy of health and wellness, and we attempt to give others the gift of wellness by being at home.

All well and good.  AND easier said than done.  Thus Rev. Barnes offers her blessings to all who are writing their own stories of ‘All Quiet – But Not Necessarily Easy- on the Home Front.’

I’m thankful that I share our First U home with you.


We’re staying home. Love has never asked this of us before.
We’re staying home, this is our gift to humanity.
Let us wish each other well.

For those staying home alone, I offer you this blessing: 
May you grow a deeper understanding of your own worth.
Dear one, leaven the aloneness with gentle care,
for this too shall pass.
May you be blessed with peace and serenity;
May you find the courage to reach out to hear another’s voice
and to remember others need you too.
May you be well.  

For those staying home together, I offer you this blessing:
May you find moments of patience and grace in your relations.
May you offer each other enough time apart,
reassurance and space enough to cry, to safely rage,
for this too shall pass.
Then, let peace come again into your home
May you see one another’s whole self as a gift.
May you be well.

For those working from home, I offer you this blessing
May you remember to take breaks.
May you find the means to relish your imperfection
and the imperfection of others
as evidence of our shared humanity
You are enough even when there isn’t enough
Make order in your days and then let it go.
May you be well.

For those staying home with children, I offer you this blessing
May you find humor and compassion in your days.
There will be learning of a different kind,
deeper no doubt, unexpected for sure.
May there be patience and forgiveness,
again, and again, and again.
for this too shall pass
May you all remember the deep love
that brought your family into being.
May there be peace and understanding in your home.
May you be well.

May we be well.
May it be so.