Love Note: Hope Extends

Hello First U!

When I read this poem by Phillip Booth the words ‘Ours is no caravan of despair.’ come to mind (reference our UU hymn “Come, Come, Whoever You Are” words from a poem by Rumi).

The Love Note message of hope from Election Day a few days ago centered more around external bringers of hope (mushroom gills, dandelion heads, angel wings, dog tails).  Today’s poet beckons us to find hope within.

Old Spirit in and beyond me….
let love move me…

In these challenging days of limbo as we await resolution to the election process, I am especially drawn to the poem’s ending. One day soon may we indeed experience glad waking to learn that an end has come to the chaos of this process.  Then may we welcome the beginning of a new future for our country.

In faith, hope, and love,


Old spirit, 
in and beyond me,
keep and extend me. 

Amid strangers,
friends, great trees and 

big seas breaking,
let love move me. 

Let me hear the whole music,
see clear, reach deep. 

Open me to find due words,
that I may shape them to ploughshares 

of my own making.
After such luck, however late, 

give me to give to the oldest dance…. 
Then to good sleep,
and – if it happens – glad waking.