Love Note: Monday’s Blessings for Me

Dear Ones-
In case you were not able to attend yesterday’s service, we did an exercise in which we wrote blessings to ourselves, bestowing graceful invitations toward our own aspired ways of being.

I promised that I would share these self-blessings with you this coming week, so look for a new Love Note with additional blessings each day through Friday.
Although names have been omitted, you have an opportunity to learn a bit more about other beautiful flowers in our First U bouquet (can you tell I’m still in the afterglow of our Flower Communion?). Who knows…perhaps someone else’s blessing to self may spur insight into your own internal aspirations.
See these rays of light in today’s blessings…

  • truly important things
  • creativity amidst lacking
  • solitude for a part of each day
  • searching for beauty instead of weeds
  • self forgiveness
  • courage to remain hopeful
  • openness
I am able to sacrifice unnecessary things for truly important things…clarity.
Bless me with the ability to create the variety that I feel lacking,
And the ability to appreciate the many blessings of family and friends.
Blessing for creative solitude for part of each day.
The blessing of finding a way to know ‘Who’s in there.’
This is more than meditation.  It is making sense of ourselves by making something…

Music, poetry, a table, a bowl or dinner.
And letting that process teach us how we work.

May I remember to look for the beauty instead of the ‘weeds.’
To know to be left alone is OK.
To learn to listen well, and to ask real questions.
And again, listen.
May I be blessed with a stronger commitment to spiritual growth.
May I learn to forgive myself.
A Blessing to Me
May you have the courage to keep hoping when hope seems lost
And despair the only remaining option.
May I always be open to everyone.