Love Note: One Year Later: A Look Back at Sanctuary

September 23, 2020.
In a year besieged by a virus, Louisville was also embattled in the fight for justice.  The city, joined by the rest of the world, was united with Breonna Taylor’s family in anticipation of the long-awaited outcome of the Attorney General’s investigation into Breonna’s LMPD-shooting death.
For months, protesters gathered in Breonna Square, looking for a legal outcome that could in some small measure bring retribution to the senseless taking of human life. On that 23rd day of September, such an outcome was not forthcoming.
People again gathered downtown that day, now in the newly renamed Injustice Square.
And they marched.
Some of the marches led to our church, and we were privileged to offer our space for the taking of respite and the gathering of community.  Despite the continuance of the pandemic, there was a bigger picture to consider.
First U members and friends, in body and in spirit. stepped forward with other local friends to offer hospitality….
…so that voices with needed messages about racial justice could be heard, at our church and in our streets.
A passel of peeved pastors (as only Del can name it) gathered for a press conference, affirming the solidarity of the local faith community with the movement.
Protesters were kept safe at our church despite the police presence on the streets.
A LOT of police presence.
Our church, First Unitarian Church of Louisville, answered the call.
We are reminded as recently as yesterday, with another shooting death of an innocent young black person, that the fight for justice must continue…in the outer reaches of the world, within our nation, inside this city, and certainly within our individual hearts and minds.
Blessings to our church for saying yes a year ago, for years before that, and for many years to come.