Love Note: Is Worship Occurring in Sanctuary?

Hello Dear Ones!
Since we began offering sanctuary to protesters nearly a week ago we’ve been asked on numerous occasions if worship has been occurring while protesters have been here in our sacred church space.
The answer, purely and simply, is yes.
We as Unitarian Universalists know that worship takes many forms, as the Sacred can be found and celebrated in many settings and in infinite ways.
Thinking in more traditional terms, the answer remains the same…
There were messages of inspiration offered by speakers to the group.
There was inspirational singing.
We broke bread together in the sharing of sacred meals.
There were many prayers, individual and clergy-led.
And lest we forget, when Rabbi Heschel returned from Selma, he was asked, “Did you find much time to pray when you were in Selma?”  The Rabbi answered, “I prayed with my feet.”   Needless to say, the marching of the protesters for whom we have provided sanctuary, those who are speaking out for racial justice, has been the greatest prayer of all.
And the people said, “Amen!”
Sending you love, and more love,