Love Note: Tuesdays Blessings for Me

Dear First U-
Here is our second sending of blessings-to-self. Once again we have the opportunity to gain insights into our fellow community members (and maybe ourselves as well) by learning about their inner aspirations.
Glints of light in today’s blessings include:

  • unapologetically be your beautiful self
  • contentment and leaving things undone
  • being open to compliments
  • bless myself with moments of joy
  • efforts to be loving and caring
  • create a home of warmth and joy
  • dependability and lovability
May you have the courage to unapologetically be your beautiful, chaotic, unfiltered self.
Hold space for that spirit and forgive regrets from the past.
And look forward to the future.
May I be content and grateful for those things I can accomplish
And not agonize about what must be left undone.
May I be open to compliments.
I bless myself with moments of joy that come from nature, people, family,

Service to others, experiences, art, music, rest, books, church community.

Bless my efforts to do justice.
Bless my efforts to be a loving and caring grandma.
May I see beauty in myself and in all the world’s creation.
May I contribute to works of justice and community.
May I create a home with my family that is a place of
Warmth, health, hospitality and joy for all who enter our doors.
I am dependable and loved.
I am dependable and have a wonderful support system.