Love Note: Wednesdays Blessings for Me

Dear Ones-
Again today we are fortunate to receive the blessings that others in our midst have bestowed upon themselves (and in their willingness to share, have bestowed upon us as well).  As with the preceding days this week, our listing today contains beauty and diversity.
Emerging light from today’s blessings include:

  • sway but not break
  • remain calm in adversity
  • remaining hopeful during difficulty
  • ever searching for wisdom
  • see the Divine Spark in all beings
  • speak my love out loud
  • allow space for others to be themselves
May I grow strong deep roots in this place.
May I sway in the wind, not break.
May I use my skills to convert what is not needed to what is needed.
May I remain calm in the face of adversity.
Bless me for doing a good job of taking care of myself
So that I can continue to enjoy the life I have been blessed with.
Bless me for staying hopeful during such difficult times.
Bless me for the kindness I receive daily from family, friends, neighbors,
Kroger cashiers, wait staff, and all my fellow inhabitants of the Earth.
Bless my body, imperfect, recently ravaged by severe disease. 
Stay strong.
Bless my mind, intelligent, ever searching for that elusive wisdom,
Ever loving, even in conflict.
I would like the ability to see the Divine Spark more and more in all beings.
May I be blessed with the confidence and courage to speak my love out loud.
I’m so mindful that our broken world needs my love.
May I have courage when I see wrongs
May I be grateful everyday for all I have.
May I give my loved ones space to be themselves.
May I give more to my friends to strengthen my ties to the world.