LSURJ rally Monday, June 1, at noon

Dear First U Family-

Clergy from around our city received the following message from our friend Dawn Cooley this morning.

It speaks for itself, so I’ll let you read on and hope to see you downtown today at noon.

Sending love in these troubled times,

Dear friends,

Please share this with your networks. White Clergy (in religious garb) and people of faith are asked to come downtown today at noon for an “End White Silence” press conference and to be a presence of love and justice.

After the Mayor’s ineffective press conference and the murder of another Black man downtown last night, LSURJ and LSURJ-Faith are asking clergy and people of faith to show up at Jefferson Square at noon.

You may be aware that Fischer called for a “Day of Reflection” today and is hosting a Facebook live event “with faith leaders” at 11:30. He tweeted “As a community, we need to heal together” but he does not seem to understand that those in authority need to own their mistakes,  repent and make restitution for the wrongs being done RIGHT NOW to the Black community. That calling for “healing” before this happens is to commit yet another harm.

As clergy and people of faith, we know a bit about healing, about the restoration of right relationship, about what God calls us to do.  And this isn’t it.

Dawn Cooley


May 31 Rally at First Unitarian