MEMO from MAM – Nov 14


Salutations to all First Unitarian Church humans of planet earth; that pale blue dot in the vast expanse of space. In these challenging times on this celestial body we call home, I hope this message from astrophysicist and all around cool dude, the late Carl Sagan, will bring inspiration and meaning into your lives. click here

Sermon Follow-Up
As noted in last week’s sermon, Carl Sagan created the documentary television series, “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage,” over 40 years ago. In this memo I add cool dude 2, Neil deGrass Tyson, who created a follow-up series in 2014 entitled, “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” which continues our human quest to understand the universe.

In this latter series we also learn about a number of women, whose scientific work remained invisible until their stories were recently brought to light. Thanks Neil. 

Meet with MAM
I’ve had my first Beta Test meetings with congregation members in my quest to meet with everyone in the congregation by March. Using a “6 Word Memoir” format–I will be asking each person to fill out the following series of questions before meeting. While I hope to meet with some folks individually, I am also up to meeting with small groups up to five people.

Click here to see and/or answer the questions. You have the option to write down the questions and answer them on paper, or to answer online; Click “send” when you’re ready to send the response via email to Reverend Mary Ann.

And hey! I will be around this Sunday, November 19th, so if you can meet for 30 minutes or 45 minutes let me know. Possible times: 9am or 10am or 1pm or 2pm or 3pm or 4pm. Here is a link to my email.

64 and There’s So Much More
Speaking of Neil, Neil Young once wrote “24 and there’s so much more.” I am turning 64 on November 16th and I am thinking “64 and there’s so much more.” I will be working from home that day but hope to buy a birthday pie to share on November 19th  Thank you First Unitarian Church for sharing so much more.

Oh, and there’s some President whose birthday is two days after mine, November 18th. Her first name rhymes with Revvy.

Peace out. Love in.
Reverend Mary Ann

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