MEMO from MAM Apr 9, 2024

Post Sunday Service: April 7
Gratitude to our 7th Principle Team

Respect for the Interdependent Web of Life of which we are a part.

Thank you, once again, to our 7th Principle Team, for their inspiration to create an Earth Month for April.  
As mentioned in the worship service on Sunday, both the 7th Principle Team and I rely on Interfaith Power and Light for up-to-date information regarding Climate Crisis and how to put our faith into action. As I mentioned in Sunday’s sermon, Interfaith Power and Light is one of the most effective interfaith environmental groups that I am aware of. Please take time to explore their website and stay tuned for more information from our 7th Principle Team. The Kentucky Affiliate slogan is “Making the connection between Spirituality and Sustainability.” I believe the notion of sustainability is key to so many aspects of our life on this planet.

Praise for The Mighty Shades of Ebony
During Sunday’s service we received the gift of truth speaking through rap, poetry and conversation. The Mighty Shades of Ebony, whom our 7th Principle Team connected with here in Louisville, brought their wisdom, spirit and education on topics from air quality and litter to food equity and justice.

Their verse also highlighted the message from Interfaith Power and Light, “The worse impacts of the climate crisis in the United states are felt by Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and low income communities, in the form of increased flooding, droughts, fires, heat death, and soil degradation. These communities often lack access to fresh, healthy, affordable food in their neighborhoods.”  In case you missed them, they sent one of their recent videos as a thank-you after the service.  What a blessing of truth speakers and artists.

A Unitarian Universalist Miracle?
I think so, as I shared at the beginning of my sermon, when we found out that the First Sunday Luncheon was going to be moved to Sunday April 14, we were a bit at a loss because we wanted to break bread together, a vegetarian meal, after the Food Justice worship emphasis.  After finding out about the change I saw 7th Principle Member Kathy Kremer in the hallway.  “Do you think we could get some bread for the coffee hour?”   And, I kid you not, she said, “Let me see.”  She sent out an email right there.  I did a few things and by the time I got back in my office and on my computer.  There were at least 6 to 8 loaves promised.  That’s a Unitarian Universalist miracle.  It’s called community. 
Next time I’m going to ask for loaves and fishes. (When I said this in the pulpit, someone shouted, be careful what you ask for! 😊)   Blessings to the bread-makers for they embody the kneads of community.

Last But Not Least re April 7th:  Zoopoopydoo
On Sunday, I shared this bit of etymology gleaned from The Chatholic Reporter:  
Humus is the Latin word for earth (a rich and nutrient-filled soil) and is also the root word for human. Humility is derived from the same word, humilitas, one who is grounded or near to the earth. Fittingly, the second creation story tells us that humans were created from the earth, soil, humus and given God’s breath of life.

Speaking of enriched soil, I received this message from FirstULou friend, Michelle Anderson of our congregation, after Sunday’s worship service:
“Did you know that the Louisville Zoo sells their animal droppings as fertilizer? The animals at the zoo get a very nutrient rich diet, which in turn makes their droppings ideal for fertilizer. It’s $45 per scoop and will be available for pickup every Saturday this month.”  click here
 Plus, it’s so fun to have Zoopoopydoo as part of a subject line.

Earth Month
Please keep track of The 7th Principle Team this month.  There will be plenty of information and activities about how we can engage the interdependent sustainability of our planet in all of her manifestations. Also, our CLOUT (Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together) folks will be presenting initiatives at next Sunday’s service about this local interfaith group.   Plenty of good trouble to create and go around.

Lastly, an environmental saint (in my book) reminds us to go beyond Earth Month into Earth Year, each day, each year. As mentioned in last week’s MAM MEMO, conservationist Jane Goodall turned 90 on Wednesday, April 3. Here are a few videos celebrating her life and ongoing message.  Enjoy!  It’ll be worth your time, even with the overly British intro.  😊


Go to for Dr. Jane Goodall 90th Birthday Celebration and What She’d Like to Be Her Legacy

Hope you had a blessed eclipse experience wherever you found yourself to be.
Peace, MAM
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin