Memo from MAM – Feb 13

Yes, I am one of those ministers who still enjoys attending church when I am not in the pulpit. I so enjoyed last Sunday’s service—learning about this congregation’s history from Jenny Lavery, savoring the voices of the choir that filled the sanctuary in tonal textures, breathing in and breathing out, listening to the inviting words from Jane Buckley, Bev Daly and Wes Henning, sitting with the congregation, breathing in and breathing out, singing, swaying, blessing, crying, laughing, meditating.  It was good to attend worship with you all. Plus, the lunch after was delicious on so many savory levels.

With that said, I wish I could be with you all this coming Sunday for the service entitled “Love at the Center.“ The primary creators are Jill Sampson, Linette Lowe and Loren Crawford but I will be on chicken corralling duty for a long weekend. Spring is on the horizon and our chickens are laying eggs again. Hallelujah!



Back to this Sunday’s worship service, I am guided by four basic invitations that I learned from my mentor, Angeles Arrien (author of both The Four Fold Way and The Second Half of Life); those invitations are—-show up, speak your truth without blame or judgment, search for what has heart and meaning and be open to outcome.  I believe the February 18th Sunday worship service will offer much opportunity to search for what has heart and meaning in your lives. I hope you all will show up, speak your truth without blame or judgment, and be open to outcome.  😊   I will be with you in spirit.


Blessed Mardi Gras
and May your Valentine’s Day
begin with you. 

Peace out. Love in, MAM
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin

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