Memo from MAM – Feb 6

February 6, 2024

Here are the two books suggested by Quiana Denae Perkins, of the MidAmerica UU Region, in her recent article, Black History Month and  Dismantling White Supremacy which I quoted in my sermon Sunday.  It read in part: 
“We can lean into the teachings of Tricia Hersey’s book Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto to learn more about the role of rest in the fight for collective liberation. We can seek inspiration on how to cultivate Black Joy from Black Liturgies: Prayers, Poems, and Meditations for Staying Human by Cole Arthur Reily.”     
         (Mid America Messinger) 
Both books can be purchased through Inspirit Books (the UUA Bookstore) and Audible.

We Love Voting Rights Lobby Day
and Rally in Frankfort
Meanwhile, “We Love Voting Rights Day” will be Tuesday, February 13th,  As I understand from Rus Funk, Director of the Justice Center at All Peoples, “This is the big lobby day and rally in Frankfort to advocate for a bill to allow people with felonies in their past to regain their right to vote. I am hoping that we can have a good UU presence there this year.”   I said I would spread the word with First Unitarian Church for those of you who would be interested in going.  Bring a photo ID.

People are asked to register here. (This link gives location, accessibility and schedule information.) If you plan to or are already registered or know of anyone who already has, please let Russ know by email or by calling the Justice Center at All Peoples UU office (502) 425-6943  Ext 6 or Cell (502)494-9044. Russ is working to schedule meetings with constituents and your legislators to help maximize impact.  

On a completely different note, you may know that I follow Kareem Abdul Jabbar on the email newsletter platform Substack. He always includes a video break within each newsletter. I couldn’t pass up this short video.  I love nature.

Peace out. Love in.  Mary Ann
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin       
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