MEMO From MAM – June 11, 2024

50th Anniversary at FirstULou (keep reading) “Down the Aisle”
Yes, it seems like we have a lot of Anniversaries to honor nowadays.  The Baby Boomers are reaching an era when looking back is part of being present and moving forward. For those who may not be Baby Boomers, you may wonder, “What does this Anniversary have to do with me?”  I believe congregational life also invites us to look backward, now and then, in order to be in the present and move forward.

So, when I receive a message from our ardent archivist, Kathy Kremer, I pay attention. (keep reading). What I appreciate about Kathy is she does not present material in excess but hones in on the bare facts.

With that introduction, this week is the 50th Anniversary of three streakers running down the aisle of First Unitarian Church in 1974 during a worship service.  Below is the article (you may have to Zoom in) with the basic narrative of this historic time in the life of this congregation. For those of you not familiar with the 1970s cultural phenomenon of streaking, there was a song created by Ray Stevens to document it. The song is called, appropriately, The Streak.

This past Sunday, through the wonders of technology and the hard work of technology gurus, we enjoyed a combined worship service with All People’s Church to celebrate the work of KUUJAN (Kentucky Unitarian Universalist Justice Action Network) which is a UU justice network throughout the Commonwealth.(Note I remembered to write Commonwealth and not State).Thanks again to Rev. Bruce Beisner, Rus Funk and All Peoples UU Congregation for their collaborative efforts to make this a reality. In these times, I believe building bridges with other Unitarian Universalist congregations is essential to sustain hope as we move into the 21st Century. I love the bridges being created with our sister congregations throughout the land.

Thank you also for ALL the people at First Unitarian Church who helped make this joint service a success. One of my favorite parts was witnessing our children voice their passions and concerns for the world. I asked Religious Exploration Director, Loren Crawford, for the piece she helped create for Moment for All Ages entitled, “Voices of Hope” from First Unitarian Church.

For those of you who missed or would like to see it again: Click here

Speaking of bridges, I ponder bridges a lot more since beginning my interim ministry with First Unitarian Church and living in a place where I cross the Second Street Bridge regularly to and from church.

This Saturday, June 15th, I hope many of you will join me for the PRIDE PARADE which will begin at noon. Here’s what I know:The parade begins at Market Street and Campbell Street in Nulu and ends at Water front Park by the Big Four BRIDGE.Folks from First Unitarian Church, including our youth, will be making signs with All People’s UU for a float and parade walkers/rollers on Wednesday evening.We are invited to join All People’s congregation to participate in the parade route with their float.I believe parade participants will be asked to show up around 11am or so. I will send out another message with more specifics later in the week.  (Editor’s note: See your Midweek Update Wednesday also.)There may also be a designated place for UUs to gather on the route for those who are not able to do the full route.Pride Festival continues at the park by the Big Four BRIDGE.Returning to the original tune of this Memo above, I am considered a Baby Boomer but never quite identified as such; I was in elementary school in the 60s and part of the 70s. I have never officially streaked nor attended 70s rock festivals. But I do feel like my particular generational cohort, as an in-between cohort, helps create a bridge between generations. We are bridgers In many ways, we all are.

This poem from our own Kathie Johnson:


There will always be bridges to cross          No matter who you are,          no matter where you live,             no matter what you do    There will always be another bridge.    Bridges connect two sides,          even when the idea is abhorrent to both sides    But just as hate can block a bridge, love can build one    Sometimes, if we are lucky, we will find an exceptional bridge,          One that can carry love across the chasm          and change the world forever.

Peace and Blessings, MAM
Reverend Mary Ann Macklin

PS I will be away June 17 through June 30th for Study Leave
I will be here, however, for the June 23rd worship service wherein we will gather in the sanctuary for a virtual service with sister congregations for a virtual worship service.

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